Sunday, July 31, 2011

Train Ride, Swimming, & Goof Balls

It's been a pretty good week around here :) The girls finished up their summer camp days and will now have three weeks of staying home & sleeping late. Last Wednesday was the Amtrak Train field trip; it was a lot of fun! It was a very cloudy day, so at least it wasn't as hot as it normally is. We actually got cold on the bus and the train! Who would've thought that was possible in July?

This week we have nothing planned...except for Friday. Paige gets to go see Dr. LaRue for her 2.5 year check-up. I can't wait to see how much this little tank weighs! She's definitely over 30 pounds.

Here are this week's photos...enjoy!

Reese and I had fun riding the bus to the Amtrak Train Station down in Sebring. It was an overcast day, so the lighting was terrible on the bus. I had to lighten this A LOT, so it's very grainy. But I still liked the picture :)

Waiting for the train to arrive & pick us up!

Reese enjoyed the train was very smooth and we had lots of room to move around. She liked reading the train magazine, eating cheerios & looking out the window.

And a few goofy pics of us together...

Some cute bedtime pictures of my little mess-makers...

Random little photo shoot with Reese :)

And a random photo shoot with Pip :P She had an enormous bruise & goose egg on her forehead, but it's getting better. She has a bad habit of banging her head on whatever she can when she decides to throw a temper tantrum. This kid might need a helmet to protect herself...from herself!

Fun pool time and out of the pool!

Paige is on a tongue kick...she is constantly sticking it out!

Morning time...time for reading & playing :)

Sunday Funday Pool Time!

That's it for this week. I'm sure I'll have lots more pictures next weekend!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wild Hair, Snacks, Sleeping, Balls, Pool & Harry Potter!

Hey, people! I've got a ton of pictures for you today. We've got a busy week ahead. It's the last week of summer camp at OCA, and I'm filling in at the Y a few more times this week. I'll be teaching SIX spin classes instead of my usual three! One of the other instructors is going on vacation, so I'm teaching for her. Wednesday is Reese's field trip to the Amtrak train station. This was really fun last year. I should be nice and worn out by this time next week :)

The girls are both doing well and have had a fun week at camp and playing with their grandmas. Here are their pictures for you...

A few beautiful pictures of Reese last Sunday evening...I love when I get really good random photos of her.

After school snacks -- vanilla wafers :) Reese likes to let hers hang out of her mouth like a tongue!

My sleeping beauties :)

Reese got so tickled the other night while playing with her Daddy and these balls!

Paige being silly at nap time :) can really see the teeth marks on the crib! Compliments of my two little billy goats.

And my silly little poser before bed the other night. She loves to run around our bedroom before she goes into her crib...she kept stopping and posing for me!

A few cute pool pics of Reese...

And some of her dancing around the living room the other day! I love her randomness :)

Lovely WILD hair pics of Paige! There is no taming this mane!

Sunday morning pajamas...running around, eating cheerios, being silly (as usual!)

Cute pool pictures from this morning:

And a few pictures of my Saturday outing. My good friend Jennifer and I went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! A few months ago, we made a challenge for ourselves. We knew the final movie was coming out July 15th, so we decided to re-read all seven books together and re-watch all the movies. If we made it in time to see the final film on opening weekend, we would celebrate soon after by going to the theme park. We did finish...and we finished early! Last Saturday we saw The Deathly Hallows Part 2 and then yesterday we went to Islands of Adventure. It was SOOO much fun! I haven't been to a theme park in over seven years...and that was when I went as a chaperone with the seniors for Grad Night. The ride inside Hogwarts was AWESOME! The wait was long, but it was worth it. We rode several other rides, including the Hulk...holy cow...I'm not as young as I used to be...haha! I really felt a bit rattled after these rides. It was really fun, though, and I'm so glad Jennifer and I went! She is truly a wonderful friend to me :) Here are a few pics we snapped right before we left. We were soooo sweaty and we don't look our best here...haha!

This is the Hogwarts Express, and this guy is the conductor :) He kept making cheesy poses with people, so we figured why not get our picture with him? :)

That's Honeydukes behind us...the place in Hogsmeade where Harry and his friends always bought their candy and sweets.

Yay, Hogwarts!!

We had to get ourselves a Butterbeer! It isn't beer at tastes like liquid vanilla icing, or cream soda & vanilla ice cream. It was SO good and sweet!

Well, that's it for this week. Thanks for stopping by!