Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day!  It's Monday and we're just hanging out at the house.  We've spent the past few days hanging out in the pool, but today we haven't gone out yet.  It keeps raining on and off, thanks to the tropical storm.  It's sunny one minute and rainy the next.  Hopefully we will be able to go out later this afternoon.  There was no school for the girls today or any YMCA for me, so we all got to sleep in.  It's been a great relaxing weekend, and the girls are really enjoying the pool so far.  Here are the pictures I have from the past few days.  Beware...lots and lots of pool pics :)  I'm sort of addicted to my camera out there!

A few pictures from Thursday after school...

Paige looked so adorable in this cute outfit. My friend Jennifer got it for her for her Christmas, and it finally fits her. I love it!

Friday evening...Reese loves playing "spin around really fast" with her Daddy :)

Daddy, Daddy, please don't forget about me, too! I wanna play!

Swimming on Saturday...what a beautiful day this was. Perfect for the pool!

More swimming on Sunday...until it got kind of dark and stormy.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

First swim of the season

Our pool is finally the right temperature to go swimming.  I thought it was still a little on the chilly side, but everyone else jumped right in.  The girls had a great time.  Reese got right into her swim ring just like she did last year and swam away.  Paige wasn't too sure about her swim ring at first.  She just wanted to be jumping in the entire time.  She loves the act of jumping, but once she's in the water, she's itching to get back out to jump in again.  Once she did that for a while, she really liked playing with her Daddy.

Here are the pics from today. Paige had to do a little mowing before going into the pool :)  The Easter Bunny brought her this cute Hello Kitty bikini...she just looks so cute in it!

Come on, Mom...I know, I need to do some ab crunches.

I also got a few pictures of the girls on Friday night...they just love playing outside after the sun goes down. The breeze is so nice on the patio and it's just the right temperature.  They both played in the water at school on Friday, so they came home with some half-wet hair.

That's a lot of pictures for just two small events...haha! Can you tell I'm obsessed with taking them? I can't help it. I love looking back and seeing how much they've changed. Now that summer is here, I'm sure you'll be seeing lots of pool pics in the coming weeks :) Have a nice week!