Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween from my Gator Girls :)

Happy Halloween!!!

What a fun time of year! It is so much fun to dress the girls up. This year, they were Gator cheerleaders. I found the uniforms a few months ago and knew they'd be perfect for Halloween. Reese is very picky about different material, so hers was very soft, and almost like a tank top and skirt. She wore it with no problems! I was very proud of her. She wore it all day Friday at the Fall Festival, and she and Paige were the cutest cheerleaders there! [Well, no one else was dressed as a cheerleader, so technically they were the cutest ones...haha!]

Wednesday, I took Paige to the doctor because she started coughing a lot during the night. Her ears and throat were fine. Looks like it was sinus drainage causing her to cough. She is back on antibiotics and a steriod...ugh. This is her first time on steriods, and they are making her very moody. She has rages...just like David Banner turning into the Hulk...haha! [Except her clothes don't tear and rip off her body :)] I took some pics of us at Dr. LaRue's office. I REALLY wish this kid would get all of her teeth...her poor fingers sure do take a beating!

And on the way home...

I tried to get a picture of Reese in her matching shirt. She had more important things to do, obviously!

Paige being silly with our little witch :)

Lots of Fall Festival pictures! I was there all day at the school, helping set up and run the games, and I took lots of pictures of all the kids for the school. Of course, I got plenty of my own girls :)

Here's Reese looking so cute! [And representing the Gators oh so well!]

Reese hoola hooping (well, sort of) and at the pumpkin patch/hay stack:

Here she is reading in her classroom :)

Here is Paige walking with her teacher. They went trick-or-treating to all the other classes. She had such a fun time!

Here she is waiting in the big stroller:

Here she is with Ms. Christy, picking a prize.

At the little picture-taking station:

And playing a few games...

And after all that action...

Here they are on Saturday, getting ready for trunk-or-treating. I put Paige's hair in pigtails and it was SO cute! Reese was over picture-taking!

What a gorgeous weekend! The weather was perfect for a golf cart ride, exploring and swinging down at the garden :)

I love how the sun makes her hair look like it's glowing!

And, as promised, a few of Reese on the front porch :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkins, silly faces & swinging :)

Well, it has been an interesting week. It started the middle of the night with Reese getting sick. Why is it that when kids get the stomach bug, it happens when everyone is sleeping? Thank goodness it was only a 24-hour bug. She missed two days of school, but at least she was able to stay home and get her strength back. Paige didn't catch it...thank goodness!

This weekend, we visited the pumpkin patch and then decided to go out to dinner. Paige was afraid of the pumpkins, and Reese just wanted to walk on the wooden crates that the pumpkins were displayed on. I tried to get some pictures...but you'll see for yourself how "excited" they both were to be there...haha. Dinner was an adventure! Two young kids + a 20-minute wait = chaos! Paige, who is usually the happiest kid on the planet, decided to get ornery. Reese tried to get testy, but we bribed her with goldfish :) Then, halfway through dinner, Reese got a big case of the giggles and couldn't stop laughing. We had a fun time, although it had its moments! Pictures explain it all down below...

There are SO many pictures this week....enjoy!

Pumpkin patch:

Paige was afraid of the pumpkins! She cried every time she went near them :(

Family dinner at Longhorn...

Reese decided to get all giggly in the middle of dinner...and, of course, I had my camera :) She was being so cheesy! Such silly faces :)

Reese actually smiling for the camera! This was one morning and she just felt like being a goofball :)

More of Paige swinging...

Swiping her sister's cheerios :)

Reese lounging on the couch...

Paige swinging...again...I can't help it if I take my camera out there every time she's in it :)

And I'm ending with some cute pictures of Paige in front of our house. I will try to get some of Reese this week. OCA's Fall Festival is Friday, so hopefully I'll have lots of cute pics to share. Plus the girls have a few cute Halloween shirts that I'll have to show you :)