Sunday, March 27, 2011

Random March pictures :)

Another Spring week has passed, and boy has it been a hot one! We've had the windows open for a while now, and it's so nice to have a breeze flowing through the house. But being out directly in the'd swear it was July already! This is why I live in Florida, has been really pretty and "springy" lately, and I love it.

The girls were back at school this week. They were so excited to get back to their teachers & friends. This week they get to go to a Jack Hartman concert at High Pointe Church! I don't think Paige knows who he is, but Reese LOVES his Tooty Ta song. I play it for her on YouTube all the time :)

Paige has the start of a cough coming on, so it looks like we'll be paying Dr. LaRue a visit this week. Nothing over-the-counter ever works for her, so I don't even bother trying with that anymore. She's a good medicine-taker, so hopefully we can get her something to nip this in the bud fast.

Here are this week's pictures....

Reese snoozing on the couch:

Cute Paige pictures :)

She picked up this new move in order to maneuver herself underneath the table for lost & scattered Cheerios :)

Random cute shots of everyone :)

Guess who still likes to stick her hiney in the air during nap time?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break...

Spring Break is officially over, but this gorgeous Spring weather is still in full swing! It has been so beautiful every day this week...just perfect for almost anything outdoors.

This is how I found Paige the other morning...

Enjoying the perfect swinging weather :)

No school...bored out of her gourd!

The girls in green for St. Patrick's Day :)

First time trying out her new green's still a little big! It looks so little just looking at it, but when it's on her, it's huge!

Getting ready to go mud-slinging...also known as a nice, leisurely 4-wheeler ride :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

11 years!

I can't believe Marshall and I have been married for 11 years! Friday was our anniversary, and we've been doing a lot of reflecting over the weekend. This time back in 2000, we were in Lake Tahoe on our honeymoon. I remember staying in a little chateau right on the lake and going snowmobiling. We also stayed in Reno for a few days. That trip was so much fun, and it inspired us to do a lot more traveling. Travel we did...up until the two you-know-whos came along :) Now they are our adventure, and what an adventure it is!

Here is where we were 11 years ago...beautiful Lake Tahoe. I took a picture of the picture, so it's not great quality. You really have to see it in person to get the full effect :)

And here is what we were doing...

The girls had a fantastic week! Everyone felt good and had fun at school. They got their school pictures in...and they are SO good! Usually Reese cries during school pictures. All those lights and the big equipment just scare her. But this time, she was laughing and smiling! I don't have them digitally, so I'll have to scan them so you can see them. Paige is smiling in hers as well...I was very happy with them.

Reese and I goofed off in Dr. LaRue's office on Tuesday. She went in for her 4.5 year check up. She got a terrific report!

More cute Reese photos from the week...

And you know I didn't forget my little Pip... :)

Saturday morning...hanging out in our jammies :)