Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September is gone already...

I can't believe it. October will be here seems like we just finished Christmas!

Reese is all better from her sinus infection! She started back to school last Friday and has been doing great. Thank goodness Paige never got it. Both girls are doing so well this week. Reese has been having fun at school. They are having their pictures made tomorrow -- I can't wait to see them! Paige loves applesauce, and has been gobbling it up. I have been pureeing fresh apples, bananas and avocados for her, and she just loves them. Pears are next on the list. I wish I had realized I could make my own baby food when Reese was a baby! It's so much easier, healthier and cheaper. I guess I learn as I go...

Here are the latest pics of the girls. Paige went swimming for the first time on Saturday and she loved it!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Weekly update & pictures :)

Reese came down with a sinus infection this week :( She has missed two days of school so far. We saw her doctor yesterday and now she's on anitibiotics. We tried over the counter medicines, but they did nothing. She seems to be feeling fine -- she's just really clogged up. I wish she understood how to blow her nose! I think that would help tremendously. Other than that, she has been doing really well. Last Friday was sports day at school, so of course she wore her Florida Gator outfit.

Paige is doing so good these days. We've been working with her, trying to get her to sit up. She's doing better, but she's still wobbly. If she sees Dora on the tv, she goes into a trance and completely falls over...haha. She loves bananas and avocado. I'm going to try apples next. She gobbles everything up and lunges toward the spoon when she sees it. It's so cute!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Reese's 3 year pics

Here are what I am calling Reese's 3 year pictures. We went to Bok Tower on Labor Day and I was able to chase her around and take a few shots. She was not in the mood to smile at me, of course, but she had fun running around! She did stand still a few times, just long enough for me to get a picture. I can't believe she is 3!

Here is Paige trying out her new walker. Her little feet barely touch the floor! But she loves grabbing Elmo :)

Reese in the car before school one day last week...

P's weekly picture...I love this one!

This picture was a surprise...Reese never wants Paige near her, so this was neat when she actually let Paige sit on her lap! I'm so excited to get a pic of them together.

And a few more from the weekend...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy 7 Months to Paige!

Paige turned seven months on Saturday...unbelievable! She is so funny these days. She loves to spit and make motor boat noises, and she's always laughing :) She has mastered rice and oatmeal cereal, but is not too keen on bananas just yet. Is it mean to say it's funny to watch her gag? Haha :) Here are her pics from our little photo shoot. What better outfit than her sissy's old Florida Gator tshirt?

And here are few of Reese down at the pool this weekend. The girl likes to run around the pool more than she likes being IN it...haha.

Here she is channeling the late Michael Jackson...haha!