Sunday, December 22, 2013


Hey there!  I have lots of pictures to share today...some random shots and some of the girls with Santa.

Reese grabs the remote any chance she gets...she taught herself how to use it.  It gets a little repetitive watching the same part of Dora over and over, though.  I'm impressed she knows exactly which buttons to push!

Last Friday, Pip was worn out.  She came home from school, laid on the couch and passed out.

Last Sunday, my mom came over and took our annual family front steps photo.  I've given up on the idea of the perfectly posed family ain't happening.  So this is our version of "perfect."  I truly envy those families who can get an amazing shot of everyone posing and smiling.  So I don't spend money on professional photographers because 1.) these are just fine.....and 2.)  The poor photographer wouldn't know what to make of these two girls.  It's hard to get them to sit like this....and as you can see, their minds are elsewhere.

It rained earlier that day, so these were taken later in the afternoon...and the wind was blowing.  But I think they turned out alright.

A few of just Marshall and me....

Paige has been watching Reese do this.  They do this at school sometimes....cover up one part while looking at another.  They like to do this on the TV.  

The water bottle queen....

Just a few shots from bath time the other night...

And here are the Santa pictures. He came to the school on Tuesday.  Paige was happy to sit in his lap.  Reese wanted nothing to do with him.

Even sitting in my wasn't happening.  Her shirt wasn't supposed to come up and expose the purple waistband of her pants....oops.  It's hard to find this girl pants that fit and that are soft and not tapered at the bottom.

This is the cutest picture EVER!  The Santa Taste Test!

Another cute one...

All smiles...

Not so happy...

A few I took later on....

That's it for now.  Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Coloring, Thanksgiving and a Christmas Tree

Hey there, friends!  I have pictures to share today.  First up is something that is trivial to many but a BIG deal to us over here...and that is Paige has finally learned to color!  She used to either throw, break or eat crayons.  And that was after months and months of trying to get her to at least hold one.  She just never had any interest in it or understanding of it.  Well, now not only will she hold the crayons, but she knows what to do with them.  She gets very focused and just scribbles all over her paper....and the coffee table...and books....and even the TV screen.  We're still working on that one!  And even though it's just scribbling, it's a HUGE milestone for this kid!  We're very proud, and so are her teachers and therapists at school!  They are a BIG reason she's learning so much.

Isn't the coffee table so pretty now?  I'm leaving it there.

Here are just some random pictures...pure cuteness :)

And Little Miss Danger helping herself to the dining room table...

Crossing her eyes and looking like an escaped mental patient is also a new talent she's picked up...haha!

We spent Thanksgiving with Marshall's dad and grandma.  We took a walk down to the lake, and Paige was over the moon happy.  She kept jumping up and down and wanted to get in so badly.  It was rather cool and windy, so that wasn't happening.  She did manage to get her shoes and bottom of her jeans wet...little stinker.

Reese wanted to stay far away from the she hung back and observed.  She loved the breeze on her face :)

And today we picked up our Christmas tree.  The girls had a great time running all over the tree lot.  Even though it was an overcast day, the temperature felt great out there.

Reese's new thing...watching TV in the reflection of the glass of this picture frame and rewinding the same part of Dora over and over.  If she turned her head, the TV is right there.  But it's much more interesting watching it like this.  The things my children do....haha.

That's it for now.  See you next time!