Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lots of new pics...

Another interesting week for that Reese is healthy again and back to school, we had a few days of Paige not feeling well. Whereas Reese couldn't keep anything down, Paige had it coming out the other end. It was so sad to see her so tired and listless. She had no appetite for about two days, but she did still nurse like usual and kept that down. Her little tummy was giving her all kinds of trouble, and we could tell she was just not herself. Reese was never sick this young; however, Paige is exposed to more things now that Reese is around other children. As of today, both girls are as healthy as possible and that makes me happy:)

We've spent a lot of time outside this week -- blowing bubbles, riding in the wagon, giving piggy back rides and roaming around the yard while Daddy/Marshall continues his finish fencing in the back lot and to get all of his trees planted. He removed a lot of planting from our old house and is in the process of planting it here. He works so hard on it all, and it's looking good so far! He has it all planned out (on paper and in his head) but I have to see it with my own eyes before I really understand what he's planning. It always looks good, so I trust him :)

Here are the pictures from this week....

Another cute picture of Paige napping...I just love her little face!

We were blowing lots of bubbles on the patio earlier this week, and Reese was mesmerized by them.

Before picking Reese up from school on Wednesday, I took Paige to the park to get in some swinging time. She loved it, although the swings were hot. You'd think they'd make them out of something that resists heat, since kids are going to be using them during the day... I blocked the sun on the swing until it cooled off enough for her to use it.

Another day of hanging out on the patio playing and blowing bubbles.

Paige lounging on the couch and chewing on her walker toy.

Paige's first wagon ride! She was very careful at first and held on, and then she decided she wasn't going to fall out, so she eventually let go and rested her hands on her tummy :)

More cute Reesie pics...

And some pictures of Pippy enjoying swinging down at the garden. Reese ran off with her Daddy down the trail, so I didn't get any shots of her today.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sick of being sick

What a miserable week we've had :( Reese made it to school two days last week before catching the stomach bug. She started throwing up on Wednesday, and by Friday I thought she might actually have to go to the hospital. She could keep nothing down and we felt so bad for her. She started showing signs of improvement on Saturday and was almost her old self on Sunday. She is back to school today and seems to be feeling great. It was scary, though, watching her go through this nasty bug.

Paige was a little out of sorts, too. She didn't catch what Reese had, but she felt feverish a little bit this weekend and was just not her usual happy-go-lucky self. I'm thinking she might be teething...I wish she could just tell me.

Needless to say, I don't have many pictures. Here is Reese sleeping on the couch while she was sick :(

Last Tuesday after school...

Paige in her pink monkey pjs!

Here is Paige taking a snooze beside her Papa David...she loves for her tummy to hang out...haha.

Monday, April 12, 2010

A Beautiful Spring Week

Finally...a week's worth of gorgeous weather! Every day last week was just wonderful. Reese had a great week at school (she even got to meet a baby goose) and slept good each night. Paige had a good week, too, although she isn't really good at helping me with household chores yet...haha. I try to put her to work, but she just lays there or crawls away from me :)

I forgot to post her photo with the Easter Bunny from last week. Reese decided she wasn't in the mood for him, so she's not in the picture. We almost had a meltdown, so it wasn't worth the fight. Pippy looks cute, though!

And a few more of Reese that I forgot to post last time...

Paige taking a snooze in her play pen...

And Reese playing in her bed before her nap...

Pippy in her swing...YES...she still fits in it!!

Reese's weekly "Ignore Mom" picture

And one last one of Paige relaxing on her ladybug pillow...her outfit matched!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

It's Monday and "vacation" is over...Spring Break was a rather uneventful week. We really didn't do much of anything except hang around the house and enjoy the nice weather. I don't have much to here are some pictures of Reese and Paige.

Easter morning...

Here is Paige sleeping and playing in her play pen.

Reese in her "Easter dress"...she refused to wear any kind of dress this is as "dress" as it gets.

Paige playing in the hallway...

Paige's Easter photo shoot...she was enamored with the eggs :)

Riding the golf cart and swinging...

Reese at home on the front porch...I obviously have to catch her in action or otherwise I would have no pictures of her.

Paige & Reese down at Grandma Ruth's...

And Paige taking a nap with Papa Jerry...