Sunday, April 28, 2013

Stomach Bug & other things

Well, the stomach bug finally hit our house last week.  It started with Reese, then jumped to me, then Marshall, and finally Paige.  Thank goodness it was short-lived with all of us and didn't really last more than a day. was a blah weekend. A lot of my pictures this week are from my phone, so the quality isn't that great...especially when Paige is moving 90mph!

Paige didn't take long to recover from the stomach bug...this was her the next day!  Terrorizing the neighborhood, like she usually does.

There are no words.... except that this little child is a tornado.  She literally destroys everything in her path.

iPad Trance...

Reese was the first one of us to get the stomach bug last week...ugh.

Fun in the sprinkler again...

In news about me, I passed my BODYPUMP video assessment!  That means I'm finally a certified instructor!  Right now, I'm teaching Wednesdays at 5:30pm, but I hope to add at least one more class soon.  It's such a GREAT resistance training workout!

And in news about Marshall....he turned 40 on Friday!  We went out to dinner at the Texas Cattle Company.  I decided to take a goofy picture while in the least one of us was happy about the birthday...haha.  Or maybe it was because I was about to stuff my face with a huge steak...

Have a great week!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wild Child on the loose!

Happy Sunday!  I have a lot of pics to share today...mostly of my little RamPaige.  She's quite the hoot these days.  The other day, she had just finished her breakfast.  She immediately wanted chips right after, and I told her no.  I turned my back for five minutes, and this is what she did...just helped her little self to some chips right on top of the table.  I guess she showed me...haha.  Oh, and she will not put that empty water bottle down.  Apparently it's the new "it" toy!

We spent this weekend doing a follow-up metal chelation challenge on both girls.   We spent all last Summer doing this (3 months long!)...flushing metals out of their systems.  Well, this one is just a one-time check to test to see if the metals are still gone.  If the metals are back and present in their bodies, then that means they are somehow getting exposed to it.  Hopefully the tests will show that nothing has returned.

Anyway, I have to stick these little baggies on Paige to collect her urine...which is a process that is quite interesting, to say the least....haha.  She had just filled up a bag, and I was in the process of taking care of it when she just decided to take off running through the house like this.  I found her in my desk chair!  No shame!

Today I did Reese's collection, and I'm so proud of her!  She sat on the potty and we collected it in a bowl that fits down into the toilet.  It was an all-day process, but we got it all, and she did a great job.  We spent the afternoon outside.  She played in her play hut while Paige played in the sprinkler.  I just love random shots of Reese doing what she does.

Paige had a BLAST playing in her new sprinkler!  Thank you to my awesome friend Jennifer for giving this to her for her birthday in February!  She was a little hesitant at first, but then she just went crazy for this thing!
(Again, the water bottle & legos make an appearance!  Every girl needs those things while playing in the sprinkler!)

Even though I spent the weekend storing urine in our fridge (eeewwww, right?!) it was a good weekend, and I'm glad everything went well.  In other news, I finally finished filming my Body Pump class last week!  I wound up taping three times, and I finally got a good one last Wednesday.  I uploaded it on Thursday, and hopefully I should hear back from my assessor in a few weeks.  I feel confident that I passed.  I've been working on this since January, so it's been a long and hard I really hope I can be officially certified soon! 

That's it for now....see you next weekend!