Sunday, May 25, 2014

Another day at the pool

Pool pictures are my favorite ones to take.  It's almost always sunny, and the lighting is nice and bright.  Plus, the girls are in their element and having so much fun.  I like catching them in the moment.  I used to want every picture posed just perfectly, with them sitting still and smiling at the camera.  Now I know that's just not who they are.  They are always moving, on-the-go and doing their own thing.  Why shouldn't I embrace that?  Just take action shots because that's what they do.  I love seeing these moments frozen in time of them doing what they love.

Reese is so tall...the shallow end is nothing for her to conquer anymore.  She likes to ease in whenever Paige isn't in her spot.  Then she likes to wave her arms and jump up and down.

Then the ring toss begins.  And it's usually a race to see who can grab the most rings and hurry and throw them back into the water.

Every time Paige is near and tries to splash, Reese turns away.  She's definitely more calm and collected when it comes to splashing.   Paige is like a bull in a China shop...constantly splashing and flinging water everywhere.

She's such a silly kid...always making these hilarious faces!

I can touch now!  Good grief...I remember bringing her out and putting her in her bouncy chair because she was just five months she's five YEARS old!

More ring tossing...I just love Paige's stance in this picture...haha.  Oh, and please ignore that tacky black statue back there.  It was here when we moved in and we just haven't bothered to throw it away because is super heavy.  And we have to block off the spa over there or else Paige will stay over there and try and get in.  It needs to be cleaned a bit more before that happens.

Check out my gorgeous super model!  Even at the end of the weekend with her hair all a mess, she's still beautiful.

And my little artist in the making here....she full embraced the sidewalk chalk :)  She likes to take it and give everything she can a little touch of color.  But first, she decorated the old fountain.  And she uses both hands.

What fun is creating if you don't get a little on your face?  She was just too into her work to look up for me.  Her artwork still isn't completely washed off yet.  I like that I can see it every day :)

Stay tuned for more pictures to come...have a great day!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Finishing up April...

I'm a bit late in getting Easter photos posted...but better late than never, right?  Life is just busy right now and I don't have as much time to blog as I used to.  For the past week and half I've been filling in at the gym for another instructor who had to have some surgery.  That means I've been teaching five extra BodyPump classes as week....and it's exhausting.  I'm just extra fatigued and tired, and taking care of these little people make it even more challenging.  But I'm doing it and hanging in there.

The girls really liked what the Easter Bunny brought them this year.  He filled their baskets with lots of things they love...colored water bottles, sunglasses, swim suits, coloring books and markers.  You can see why they love the colored bottles...

...things just look differently through them.  And if you know my girls, you know they do everything differently :)

Sunglasses are the same way.

Gotta look through the red and purple at the same time :)

Oh, yeah...he also brought Paige this little thing.  I forget what they're called, but she liked scribbling with it.


Reese slowly checked hers out...

...and she liked these red sunglasses right away.

And the blue ones were cool, too.

Pip got these little markers and she went to town with them.  More on the table than on the paper...haha.  She's so studious when she's creating :)

And sometimes you just have to sniff the marker and then add some to your face.

She still loves jumping on the trampoline...and she gets super high.  She's come a long way from just standing there while one of us bounced it for her with our foot!

Reese got this chair for Christmas, and she's just now started sitting in it.

We've been having lots of pool time these days.  Paige is tall enough now to touch in the shallow end, so she thinks she's the bees knees!

But she still likes to play with her Daddy :)

She's really good about walking along the edge and holding on.

She still gets out every two seconds and runs around...she can't be still for long.  She has so much energy...constantly.

And I don't know where this grown up came from...Reese is getting so tall and she's just filling out.  I don't like it one bit.

She loves jumping up and down in the shallow end...mostly when Paige is nowhere near her.  She likes being away from her.

These cheap plastic rings have been the greatest toy for them!  They both like to pick them up and throw them into the water.  It's really fun to watch them.  They almost tolerate each other and watch each other play.  They did what I consider playing together....for THEM.  Thanks to these rings...who would've thought?!

Reese throws them into the water, forwards, backwards...

Paige collects them and runs to the steps or to the side and hurls them in as fast as she can.

Splashing...still a big favorite of hers.

I'm sorting through more pictures...I'll post more next week.  I'm so glad pool weather is here...I love taking outside summer pictures!

Thanks for checking in with us.  Have a great week!