Sunday, August 26, 2012

First Day of School, Pool time & a Storm

Yep, that pretty much sums up the week!  Reese and Paige had a great first week at school.  The first day was the hardest, getting used to the early morning wake-ups and leaving the house on time.  The rest of the week was easy peasy.  Both girls have had a lot of fun, and are ready to go back.  Tomorrow school is cancelled because of Tropical Storm Isaac.  I'm thinking we're just going to get lots of wind and rain from it, but with possible tornadoes everywhere, they can't take a chance on children being out and about.

Saturday was a decent day, weather-wise, and we did get in a little bit of pool time in the late afternoon.  Today (Sunday) has just been rainy and overcast...a day to stay inside.

Anyway, one week from today is Reese's 6th birthday!  I can't believe it.  We're having the family over on Saturday for a little party.  Six years

Here are this week's pictures...

Early Monday morning...the first day of school!  Paige was ready to run around and play on the patio.  I could hardly get her to stand still long enough to snap a picture!

Reese, on the other hand, just wanted to get in the car and go.  She likes to wear her backpack lower on her arms like this.  She was not into me sticking the camera in her face, so this is the best of the shots I did take.

Just hanging around the house in our pajamas and reading a book :)

And the little puddle splasher...

And some of Reese...I'm playing around with some photo editing...

Have a good week!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

School starts tomorrow!

Today is the last "play" day before school starts tomorrow.  I can't believe Reese is starting kindergarten.  I still haven't really processed that yet.  Her teacher is new to OCA, but she has been teaching for 30+ years.  Her name is Norma and she has her doctorate degree...she seems very nice and excited for Reese to be in her class.  Paige will be in Mrs. Susanne's class.  Reese had her last year, but this year Susanne is teaching the 2 & 3-year-olds because she is pregnant and is due in November.  The smaller children will be easier to handle for her, especially in the last trimester.  We love Susanne, so I'm glad both of my girls will have had her as their teacher :)

Anyway, I have lots of pool pictures from the past several days.  These first shots are from Reese in the pool on Tuesday.  Earlier that morning, we took both girls for some blood work, which meant them getting up really early and skipping breakfast.  Paige went down for a nap, so Reese and I played in the pool while Marshall worked inside.  She had a blast without her sister out there taking up all the attention :)

This kid goes from being this happy.... making her Hulk face... being flat out angry in two seconds. It's really funny to watch.

Meanwhile, Reese is usually in this mood...

And the weekend pool pictures, in between the clouds & rain...

We'll have a full report next week on the first week of school. See you then!