Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving, a Christmas tree, Bok Tower & Beef's

Hello, all!  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We surely did :)  We visited my Granny Betty for Thanksgiving lunch on Thursday, and it was so good!  We saw my aunt & cousin, and my mom was also there.  There is a lot of run-around room for the girls outside at my granny's house, so they enjoyed the beautiful weather just doing what they around.  I'm so thankful that simple things make them happy :)
I didn't get any family pictures...there was just too much running around to do.

Of course, Paige wanted to be twirled around.  This kid is the opposite of Reese.  Paige wants to pretend she's on a roller coaster and wants you to throw her up and down and sling her all around while Reese gets as far away from everyone as possible for her "quiet time."  Oh, and we never go anywhere without her legos.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma Darlene & Papa David's house.  Paige was being a cranky pants, so I didn't get any pictures.  The food was amazing, and we even brought home leftovers!!

We ventured out to get our Christmas tree on was another beautiful day.  First we stopped at Bok Tower for some fun outside time.

I wanted to get a picture of Reese and me together...and guess who kept interrupting our photo shoot...haha!  This is so us...I love these crazy pictures!  This is how it really is at our house.

Onto the tree lot!  Reese had a great time looking at the trees, and, of course, searching for leaves.  Looks like she found one!

We also had lunch at Beef's.  Paige is starting to cooperate more, so we've taken her out to lunch a few times now in the past few months.  As long as we have her some chips to snack on, she'll stay calm and not want to get down and run around.  Both girls behaved beautifully and it was a great experience!  However, you'll see that Paige doesn't just sit nicely like other little kids...

And this was what Paige looked like after we spiked her sippy cup with beer...haha!  Not really, but I thought it was a funny picture!

I didn't go out for Black Friday shopping, but I did do some online.  It was much easier & a lot less hassle.  It feels good to have made a good dent in my shopping.

That's it for now...have a great week!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Stone Soup, horses & 4-wheelers

It has been a fun week for Reese and Paige :)  Thursday was their Thanksgiving celebration at school, and I was there to help out.  They made Stone Soup for everyone to enjoy.  It's based on a book about the Indians coming together and bringing different foods to put into one big bowl of soup, and everyone shared it.  Neither of the girls were interested in the soup, but they sure had fun just being outside & running around.  Paige wore her feathers for just a bit before taking them off :)  She even let Ms. Jennifer put some face paint on her!

Since I was at the school, I got to see the girls ride horses!  It was so neat watching them do their thing.  There are two new horses this year...Goldie and Sunny.  Paige rode Goldie, and she did a great job with her PECS.  

Reese's class came out later, and she kept running away from me.  I guess having her mom at the school all the time is embarrassing and just not cool at all...haha.  She had a great time riding Sunny, and it's funny how she likes to pull the helmet strap over her lips!

Today was a gorgeous day, and we did what we usually do.  This time Reese rode with me, and I could barely see over the top of her head.  She's getting so tall.

She kept making faces at herself in the rear view mirror :)

Paige did her usual inspection of the packing house area...I just followed her around and took random pictures of her :)

I hope you have a great week & a very happy Thanksgiving!