Saturday, December 19, 2009

Getting ready for Christmas!

The past week has been so busy! I've been getting everything ready for Christmas...making gifts for Reese's teachers, finishing up shopping, wrapping gifts, etc. Reese is out of school for two weeks, so I'm looking forward to having her home! Santa came to visit her class this week, and she got to wear her pajamas to school on that day. I took Paige and we hung around for a little while. Every kid in her class had a runny nose and cough...and, of course, she got it, too. So since September, we've been to the doctor SEVEN times. She's either had the sniffles, the croup, a's really getting old. I just want her to be able to breathe comfortably without having to take medicine. Other than that, she is doing really well.

Here she is in Santa's lap...not at all thrilled...haha. Paige was enthralled by all those big kids!

Here is Reese riding Boat the other day. I wish I could afford to buy this kid her own horse!

This is Reese just being Reese...

She fell asleep like this today on the couch...with her blanket in her mouth!

I have decided that Paige is just going to stay put on her hands and knees forever. She will now lift up a leg and an arm, but she's still not moving! People keep asking me if she's WALKING yet...and they look at me funny when I say, "no...we're still waiting on crawling." She is definitely taking her time. She is still the happiest little thing, always cackling and laughing...and, of course, sucking her thumb or chewing on her fingers.

This is what happens when Paige is alone with her Daddy :)

Paige's two favorite things - her swing and her thumb!

Her hair is long enough now that it gets frizzy in the back...especially when she runs her slick hands through it.

She was spitting in this picture...I just thought it was funny :D

I can't believe in SEVEN weeks I'll be taking her last weekly photo because she will be ONE YEAR OLD :(

Here are some pics from last week at Bok Tower:)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Visit with Santa & 10 months old :)

Paige turned 10 months on the's really unbelievable how fast time has gone by. It seems like I just had her last week! She is now doing this rocking and wiggling thing on her hands and knees. It's so cute to watch...I'm kind of dreading her crawling -- not because I will have to chase her, but because it's just another stepping stone to her being indepdendent and grown up :(

We got our tree up and it looks great! I love having it in front of a window that is viewable from the street. It looks really pretty at night. Reese has a new hobby of running her hands along the tree, knocking off ornaments in the process. She listens, though, when I tell her no.

We took the girls to see Santa on Friday. Paige was thrilled and got so comfortable in the nook of Santa's arm that she nearly fell asleep! Reese wasn't scared this year, but she really couldn't have cared less about him. At least she tolerated sitting there long enough for a picture!

Here are the latest pics...including our yearly family Christmas card pictre. It was almost impossible to get a perfect shot of everyone looking at the camera and smiling, so this was the best one.

I took this same picture of Reesie right before her first Christmas, so I had to do it for Pippy! She is such a little ham :)

Poor little thing...she fell asleep in her jumper!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Tree pictures

We got our Christmas tree on Saturday, and the girls had a great time looking for it! Paige laughed the whole one knows -- apparently Christmas trees are hilarious :D Reese walked around and inspected lots of trees and checked everything out. We decided on one, and it looks great in our living room!

We had a great Thanksgiving. Family came to our house this year, which was nice. Paige napped almost the entire time everyone was here, but she did wake up in time to show everyone how she gets around -- by getting up on all fours and inching herself backward.

Here are the pics for the past week:

And more random pics...

Paige was so enamored with Dora...her Daddy decided to imitate her....haha!

Reesie swinging...she's ready for a big girl swing. She looks huge in this one!

Mom...please stop taking my picture!

Notice that bruise on her forehead? She got a little too close to the coffee table the other day...

Sometimes she just needs a snack...and you know we never feed her...haha!