Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's Reese's turn

for horseback riding pictures! I love that the therapists at OCA take pictures of my children all the time and text them to me. I love seeing them in action! Reese is quite the opposite of Paige. Reese finds her "happy place" and pretty much meditates while she rides; Paige laughs & chuckles and interacts the entire time. Either way, this is so good for both of them! Check out Reese riding last week...

Here is an extra one she sent me of Paige last week going for a walk. Guess where she goes every time she goes outside? Straight to the horse field! It doesn't matter if it's a horsie day or not...Paige goes there anyway! She knows exactly where to go.

Who stole my pants?

Pretty in blue! Today we completed Reese's third and final chelation challenge tests. No more urine collection! Woo hoo! The girls have their last blood draw on Tuesday. We will meet with the doctor in about three weeks or so and go over all the results.

Little couch potato :) Yes, we hung around in our pajamas a lot this weekend. Good times!

The cutest ever Chief Cheerio Inspector:

And last but not least, a few more shots of Reese. This girl just doesn't take a bad picture. The camera loves her!

Next Sunday is Paige's 3rd birthday!! Unbelievable. So I should have tons of pictures to share next weekend :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Horseback riding

Helloooooo there! I can't believe I'm updating the blog so late tonight. Time just got away from me today. Again, I've spent the last two days doing chelation challenge tests on the girls. Paige is finished with all three tests, and Reese will have her last one next weekend. I'm anxious to find out if there are in fact any metals in their systems. Of course, I hope they don't, but at the same time, if they did, it would be a starting point of trying fix "things." Up to this point, nothing has been found that can be "fixed" test has found anything out of the ordinary. We will also get their blood test readings in a few weeks as well.

We had a second blood draw on Wednesday. It sure wasn't fun, but I feel that it's necessary at this point. We have one more the week after next. They can only take so much from Paige since she hasn't hit the 40 pound mark yet. She did a lot better this time than the first time. Reese escaped it this go round because one of the blood tests requires the nurse to have a special tube that has some kind of agent in it, and the one she had was expired. So she will do Reese's final draw at our next appointment.

I don't have that many pictures this week. The ones I do have are mostly of Paige. Her therapist took several shots of her during Hippotherapy. They are adorable! She just loves riding horses! These aren't super clear because they are phone photos.

Two more cute ones of Paige...

My silly little vanilla wafer girl...her system of eating these things is so funny!

And one last cute one of Paige...

Have a great week!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

This was one...

of those weekends where we barely got out of our pajamas! It was cold outside on Saturday, and we all just slept in. It did warm up today, so Reese got to go for a 4-wheeler ride. The start of the week wasn't so good. Last Sunday night, Reese came down with the stomach bug and was throwing up for two days. She was better by Wednesday, thank goodness. No one else in the house caught it (knock on wood).

Although we stayed in all weekend, it was busy. We're right in the middle of doing chelation challenge tests with both girls. It's part of the "heavy metals" testing, and it involves giving each girl a suppository that contains the chelating agent, and then collecting their urine for eight hours. Talk about's a constant chasing around the house to catch it. I have to stick these little collection baggies to them and check them every ten minutes or so. This was the second test I've done on Paige and the first one for Reese. I had a time trying to find enough of the little baggies! I had just enough to do the first test on Paige a few weeks ago. After finally finding some online (that were on backorder) I was able to get enough to continue the tests. I'll do two more tests next weekend. Hopefully this will detect any types of lead, mercury or any other type of metal in their systems.

Anyway, I did take pictures of the girls throughout the week. Just mainly random shots of them doing what they do :)

Here is a cute one of Pip from the other day...

I forgot to mention that I took Paige back to Dr. LaRue on Wednesday for him to check her ear. It has completely healed, thank goodness! As usual, we had to wait, so we ate Cheerios and took pictures :)

Reese being a silly couch potato :)

More cute Paige pictures...I just love her ponytail!

More cute Reesie Cup pics...

Cute little Paige & her wild hair...

"Oh, Mickey, you're so fine, you're so fine, you blow my mind...Hey Mickey!!" Pip's rockin' 80s side ponytail :D

Reese trying to avoid me...haha. She has toted her winter coat around all weekend, using it as a blanket!

You can't tell, but I was playing pillow fight with her. She loves to be beaten with a pillow...haha!

Paige with almost straight hair, thanks to the cooler temps & low humidity! Her top button won't snap anymore because she has chewed it to death. I swear she is part goat!

That's it...have a good week!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

January is underway...

And I don't have many pictures this week to show for it. With school being back in session, time just flew by and I didn't take very many.

The girls had a great first week back at school. Getting up in the mornings wasn't easy or fun, but we managed to be on time every day. It was really cold this week, so we had to break out the winter coats. Paige loves hers, but Reese has a hard time wearing hers. She loves to touch and feel it, but she can't stand wearing it. She has never liked long sleeves, so putting a big jacket on her has always been a challenge. She did wear long-sleeved shirts, though, and that was good. It was just too cold not to. Paige wears anything...thank goodness she has no issues when it comes to fabrics.

Anyway, I'll make this short and sweet. Here are the pictures I took...

Paige wasn't in the mood to smile here...

Munching on Cheerios...

She likes to get on her knees and eat them like this from the coffee table.

Reese sort of the tv...not me!

My two sillies on the couch together, playing footsie! That's Reese's pink jacket that she hates wearing. She's been carrying it around all weekend like a blanket.

That's it for this week. I'll take more pictures for next time :)