Sunday, September 22, 2013

Random September pics...

I've been a bad blogger the past few weeks.  Honestly, I just forgot and didn't even sit down to upload any pictures.  Oh's a lot of them to make up for it...

We took Reese out to Beef's on her birthday.  She really just wanted to stay home and watch Dora, but we brought her out without her sister to annoy her.  She wasn't too thrilled about going into a restaurant.  We let her play with Marshall's phone, and that made her more relaxed.  She just isn't too comfortable anymore in public places...especially on week nights.  Once she gets home from school, it's time to kick off the shoes and stay comfortable...not get ready to leave again.  It really is an ordeal to take these girls out anywhere...especially Paige.  Reese is much calmer, and when she was a baby she was very good when we took her out.  But then we stopped going out much once we moved to Frostproof and had Paige.  It was just harder to do, so we backed off.  They do better on the weekends during lunch.

Both girls want attention at the same time.  If Paige is getting it, expect Reese to be right there to play next.  This is actually an improvement...they're showing jealousy!

These are from last explanation needed.

Reese was in such a good mood the other day.  I just had to get a few pics of her :)

These are from Saturday...

Random iPhone pictures from the past few weeks...

A decent hair day :)

A date!  Going shopping for a new smoothie blender.  We got a it!

Sigh...little troublemaker.

Ready to join an 80s hair band.

We all showed up to Body Pump wearing pink and wasn't planned.   That's Laura, Jennifer and Cheryl.  

Another one...

And one more...

Reese and me on the way to school...Pip is back there somewhere.

Rollin' in the baby stroller...I mean baby DOLL stroller.  Why do her feet look gigantic here?!  Haha.

HGTV's new show...Paige's Tornado Alley.  How to decorate quickly and cheaply.

Have a good week!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Reese turns 7!

Well, my first born is officially SEVEN years old.  Don't even get me started on how impossible it seems.  All those cliches come into play..."don't'll miss it..." "the older you get, the faster time flies..."  "enjoy them while they're little..."  All those things are SO TRUE!  Every stage of Reese growing up has been fun, but it's hard to admit that I miss her as a baby.  And she'll never be that again.  But she's more beautiful than ever, and we love her sooooo much!!

We had her little party on Saturday, and all the family came over.  Paige was little miss social, and was bouncing all over the place.  She poses so easily for me these days...

My mom bought Reese some balloons, which she has loved for the last few years.  They're always her favorite thing to play with.  Well, she brought three so Paige could play with them, too, and that she did.

I just made a simple cake this year...nothing fancy at all.  It was still good :)

I didn't take many's rare for my girls to sit and pose with anyone.  I did get a halfway decent one of Paige and Jamie.

Reese has never had any interest in opening gifts.  She just doesn't comprehend what they are, or that there is something inside for her.  So I wind up opening them for her.  I sat in this little chair to start going through them, and she came and sat on my lap.  She even studied one of the gifts and tore some of the paper off!  I was impressed!

Her favorite gift was this awesome pillow from her Aunt Jamie.  She has been sleeping with it the past two nights :)

This was Reese on Sunday...haha.  Always watching TV in an odd position!

Random close up of Miss Pickles looking adorable :)

Sunday pool pictures!  Reese's new thing is to wade off into the deep end.  She's tall enough to stand in the shallow end, and she gets so excited that she starts bouncing around.  She eventually winds up going towards the deep end and it gets over her head.  She starts laughing as she's almost drowning...silly goose.  So Marshall rigged up this line across the pool to keep her in the shallow end.  Well, now she likes to hold onto it and go all the way across the pool, holding on.  She's pretty good at holding on...she has never liked to hold on to the side of the pool, so this is an improvement.

And the Cheese Queen herself...

And this what happens to you if you get too close to her...

I hope you had a great Labor Day!  Thanks for stopping by :)