Sunday, February 16, 2014

My sweet Valentines

I have tons of cute pictures to share this week :)  The girls had a fun week at school, and they had plenty of Valentine shirts to wear.  I think this is my favorite holiday to dress them up for.  I just love the pinks and reds....the hearts...the cute sayings.  Plus it's a girly day, so they just look adorable.

This was one of my favorites for Paige...haha...

Reese is harder to photograph these she was just finishing bouncing all over the couch, so her hair is nice and messy.  But hey...that's the way she likes it, so far be it from me to try and fix it :)  This is her in real life...I have to take what I can get :)  And she's still beautiful, regardless.

Another day, more shirts.  Pip wasn't paying me any attention, so this is what I got of her.

Dora is too important to make eye contact with the camera, you know.

They wore the same shirt on Valentine's said, "I Mustache You to be my Valentine."  I thought they were sooooo cute!

Some random Paige bathtub pics...she was in a giggly mood, so I had to grab the camera.  What a silly goose she is!

We bought Reese a pair of pink tinted sunglasses, and she hasn't put them down since.  And she likes them upside down.  She has her spare pair close by.

Today was such a gorgeous day.  We walked down to the park, which is literally right across the street.  Maybe a two-minute walk, if that.  Paige was thrilled to swing...she wouldn't stop laughing the whole time!

Reese hung by the fence and just watched for a while.  Eventually, she made her way to the jungle gym and climbed the steps.  She enjoyed watching the other kids from up there.

 Paige climbed up there, too.   Both girls were in such great moods and had the best time!  It was a nice family outing :)

I love that we live on the other side of the close to town!

Here are my iPhone pictures for the week...

She wears her sunglasses at night...

And again...well, every night lately.

A few attempts a picture with Pippy...she just keeps trying to get close to the phone...haha.

Really, mom?  Just stop.

We went out to eat last night for my birthday.  We went to the Texas Cattle Company where I proceeded to eat my weight in steak, salad and bread.  I don't regret it was totally worth it :)

And a random gym picture from my actual birthday...this was after spinning and body combat.  Needless to say, I look like el crappo...but who cares.  I'm 38 now...I'm old.  I should be proud that I work out eight times a week, right?  It's my stress relief, my therapy, and I just like the way it makes me feel :)

Anyway, that's all I have for now.  I'm impressed that I blogged two weeks in a row!  Have a great week!