Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nothing new here...

No major news to report this week. Everyone is doing well on this end, thank goodness! Marshall and I went to his 20-year high school reunion yesterday evening. It was good to see so many old faces from the past! There were lots of people there from other classes, too, since so many married others from Frostproof. We had fun and stayed out passed our bedtime...not good! Well, we got home at 11:15, which is LATE for us! I've been yawning all day.

Other than that, things are pretty low-key over here. I'll get on with this week's picture parade :)

We haven't had a good "Ignore Mom" picture in a you go!

This one will pose for me on occasion...

Yes, she is an expert at picking things up with her feet still! She belongs in the circus!

Reese and her other favorite hobby...reading magazines :)

Aren't Reese's old jammies super cute on Paige? I love these pink & green piggy pajamas!

Reesie Cup playing in the pool...and her usual cute & silly faces :)

Reese loves to check her email :)

My little Pippy Girl looking cute, as always.

That's it for now...have a great week & thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

There's only one thing to do in this heat...

Get in the pool! We've spent the weekend cooling off in the water...if you're not in the pool, you just sweat instantly. Our girls couldn't be more different in the water. Reese is Little Miss Cautious, while Paige is a Little Miss Daredevil. She has to be moving the entire time...jumping, plunging, splashing or kicking. She tired herself out at one point and took a "thumb break" but then she was right back into it :)

Summer Camp starts tomorrow, so they'll have a fun & busy week. They get to swim at the Y twice a week, go bowling every Wednesday, and learn about a different country each week. They'll be doing lots of reading, arts & crafts, and next month they get to take an Amtrak Train ride, like last year.

Anyway, here are the pictures from the week...mostly pool pics!

This is how Paige sleeps now...with her right hand shoved down her diaper. Last night we had an unfortunate incident with some poop and that hand...let's just say a huge mess was made, and it took both Marshall and I to get it cleaned up...yuck!

We attempted to swing for a bit, but it was just too hot & muggy.

Paige loves her flip flops! Reese still doesn't like this kind, that go between your toes.

Swimming pics...

What a great way to spend Father's Day...with two special little girls!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Time!

What a fun weekend we've had! It has been an extra long one since school has been out. We've had lots of pool time, and we even went to the lake this morning! Reese was a little hesitant at first, but she did wind up doing a bit of playing & splashing. Paige was VERY hesitant at first, but once she realized she had tons of room to walk, play & splash, she warmed up quickly :) She is such a little daredevil, whereas Reese is extremely cautious. Paige likes to stand on the side of the pool and just lunge forward in hopes that you're going to catch her. She didn't have a "side" at the lake, so she would just stand up and lunge forward anyway :) We were the only ones down there since all of Marshall's family is at the beach, so it was nice and quiet.

Reese has a few more days off and then she starts her summer camp program on Wednesday. I'm excited for her because she'll get to work with Christy all summer, and she gets to go to the Y's pool twice a week. She loves it, so I know it will be a good thing. Paige will start the following Monday, and she'll get to work with Geni. These ladies better be girls LOVE the pool!

I have a lot of pictures to share...

Guess who got into the powder when Mommy wasn't looking? Yep, you guessed it. I couldn't even get mad...all I could do was laugh :) She likes to lay on the floor and pick things up with her feet. Well, she picked up the powder with her feet and held it right over her face...there were little white footprints everywhere before I discovered this! Sneaky!

Reese laughing because she was being tickled :) I love pictures like this.

I pulled out Reese's old zebra and Paige took a little ride :)

Our little window artist :) (Pardon the chair on the patio...we laid all our wet swim suits & towels on it to dry...)

Isn't this girl just stunning? I know I'm biased, but she just takes my breath away!

And a few pool pics...

Paige being her usual adorable self :)

Here she goes...picking things up with her feet!

More pool pics!

And our adventures down at the lake today :)

And one final picture...a cute little wedgie...haha!