Sunday, June 29, 2014

Surprise! More pool pics :)

I know we're on pool picture overload...but it's Summer.  It's Florida.  It's HOT.  And what else is there to do besides get in the water?!  So without further are more pool pictures of my little sweet potatoes :)

Even though they do a lot of the same stuff, I still like taking pictures of them.  I always get different facial expressions or different moves.  I like being in the moment and enjoying it, but I also want to remember it years down the road.  I've always been a camera-crazy mother.  It's Marshall's fault for getting me a Canon all those years ago :)  The best 2007 Mother's Day gift ever!  Still going strong, even though Paige does her best to splash it to death...haha.

These are from the first weekend in June...right after school ended.  No descriptions are necessary, really.  The looks on their faces says it all.

And the next day...

And that's it for now...hope you all have a great week!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Paige's Graduation & Fun Pool Time

Paige graduated from OCA's Pre-K last month!  It was quite entertaining :)  We're very proud of her and love her so much!  I was impressed that she wore the gown with no problems.  The hat, however, was a no-go.  And that's okay.  Let me just preface these photos by saying that most of them are blurry and not great quality.  The lighting was awful, and even though I had my big camera, there was just so much movement going on that I pretty much just used my phone for most of them.  Paige would not sit still for a split second, so most of them are fuzzy.  And the background is super the pictures just didn't turn out that great.

But you will get a glimpse into what it's like to be Paige Whidden...haha.  Constantly GOING!

This is probably the most decent shot I got of her while she kept escaping the dressing room and playing in the hallway.

Let's run to the end of the hallway and jump around.  I really wish this one wasn't blurry!

Almost between jumps.

Do a little dance....

"Here, I'll hold her still while you take the picture."  Haha...doesn't she look thrilled?

This picture cracks me up..."let's try the hat on, Paige..."  And you see what happened next...

"Here, you hold her hands and I'll take the picture."

Ooooh, a sink!  Let me see if I can play in some water while I'm here.

Paige and Mrs. Susanne...she's a great teacher!  Both girls have had her a few times throughout the years.

No more hat.  Just running around and getting into any and everything.  I even left her hair down so it would look cute with the hat....

I've got places to go here...

After all the kids came on stage...that's Pip in Mrs. Susanne's arms.  Otherwise, she was heading back behind stage and probably going to either fall off or get into something she shouldn't....haha.

Mrs. Susanne calling Paige's name to come get her diploma...and Miss Kayla helping her.  Otherwise, she would've probably ran the other direction...haha.

We just love these two teachers!  Very sweet and caring, and they love the girls so much!

Here's a quick clip of it all :)

And here are some really cute pool pics...would you expect anything less?  :D

This is pretty much how each pool party goes.  Paige annoys Reese just by being alive, so when she's in her way, it gets pretty entertaining to's Reese figuring out how to get out of the pool without going near Paige.

She makes the attempt...

And tries to dunk her sister on her way up...haha.  Hey, any interacting is good, right? 

Now...this time she wants to get back in without Paige splashing her.

Dare she try it.....she's getting braver by the day.

Aha!  Just go around her!

These rings have been a total hit this summer!

They get tossed every which way.

Deciding what to do....

Collect all the rings and throw them, of course!

This is what she does after throwing the last one...haha.  Her TADA moment!

Back to playing with Daddy...

Posing for me...what a cutie!

More splashing and throwing rings....with another big TADA finish!

That's it for this week.  See you soon!