Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another sunny week

Not much to report this week...which is a good thing! Everyone is healthy, and fun has been had by all since my last update. Reese started swimming at the Y with her class, and it's no surprise that she loves it. This week is the trip to the farm, so I'm excited to tag along. Last year it was blazing hot (well, really humid), so I'm sure it will be just as muggy this time. It will still be a good time, though :) The following Wednesday the kids get to take a bus down to Sebring and then board a train, which takes them up to Winter Haven. I've never ridden on a train, so I'm tagging along again.

Paige has had a good week...sleeping, eating, playing...and getting into everything! Her new favorite thing to do (besides steal her sister's Cheerios) is to wander into the laundry room. I'm going to start making her sort and fold if she keeps going in there. I might as well get her started on some chores around here :) This morning I found her in our kitchen bathroom, trying to reach into the toilet!! Gross!! She had a very good lesson in hand washing after that. She has obviously watched too much Dora because she's EXPLORING everything!

As usual, lots of pictures for you :) I'll start off with Paige mowing down some's so funny to watch her cram them into her mouth. If one sticks to her hand, she just throws it down and moves on to a fresh one. Most times they stick to her little lips!

This is her new face...I call it her "pirate face" because it looks like she should be saying "Arrrrhhh!"

And here she is playing with the beach ball.

Here's Reesie playing down by the pool. She's following in her Daddy's footsteps -- she loves to touch and feel all the plants down by the pool. This is her favorite plant...I forget what it's called.

And this one was just for fun...I like to get close-ups and play with the editing.

Here's Pippy in her wagon :) She was in such a great mood.

The Pirate Face again...right before she tried to eat a puzzle piece.

Reese not matching again...she did have on jean shorts, but she took a nap in her comfy cotton shorts. I promise she matches when she's in public!

More cute faces & grins from Pippy!

The Cheerio Bandit...

Reese...riding Paige's pink pony! It's a bit small for her...haha.

And playing on the couch...

Reesie pool pics...

And a few more Reese pics.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer Fun :)

I'm happy to report that a great week has been had by the Whidden clan :) Reese attended her first week of summer camp and she had a great time. Some of her school friends are in her class, so she was happy to be with them. This week they start swimming at the Y, and I know she'll love that. I blew up a swim ring this afternoon for her in the pool, and she floated around in it for almost an hour...she kept turning circles and had the best time! A week from Wednesday her class gets to go to Green Meadows Farm, and I'm going along. I can't wait to go, although I know it will be one hot day.

Paige has decided she loves Puffs and Cheerios! She finally decided to start picking them up and cramming them into her little mouth. It's so cute to watch. That's the one thing I didn't get a picture of this week. I will surely get one for next week :)

Here's Paige helping me shop at Walmart :)

Getting tired of this place...

And afterwards...Walmart does this to me, too!

Reese reading :)

Pippy just being cute:

After a hard day of playing...

Weekend pool shots :)

And more of Pippy being a little stinker :)