Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012

We spent Christmas Eve at Marshall's Aunt Linda's house and visited with his dad, grandma, brother, aunt & cousins.  Linda's house is being remodeled, so please excuse the dusty stairs.  Paige was excited to play on them (with her legos in hand, of course).  Reese remembered them from the last time we were over there, and she also had fun playing on them.  Everything was going great until Paige took a tumble and wound up head down on the this time, it was getting late & the girls needed to go to bed.  We hadn't even opened gifts yet, so we missed out on that.  Here are the pictures I did get before Paige fell & before we left.


Santa came!  He left Reese a bicycle, some jumbo letter magnets, a huge pink back pillow, a Backyardigans pillow, a big R to hang on her wall, two Barbies in their cars, lots of books & puzzles, a picture frame, a new doll stroller.  He brought Paige lots of Legos & stacking cups, her own broom, a Little People jungle, a turtle pillow from Sea World, a Dora pillow, puzzles, books & a picture of her in a frame.  They also got clothes.  Santa knew that Reese & Paige don't understand the idea of gifts or opening them, so he left them unwrapped for them to find.

My mom came over later Christmas morning and we exchanged gifts with her.  Next, we went over to Granny Clifford's house and saw them, Kim & her family, and Jamie and BJ.  Paige just wanted to be tickled by Sarah...

This is all the sisters...Kim & her husband Preston, Jamie & BJ, and me & Marshall. We also got pictures with Sarah, and a 4 generation picture with Dad and Granny.  The 4th part of children...of course would not stay still for a picture.  So I guess it's only 3 generations.

Paige wanted a piggy-back ride...

A quick shot of her in front of the tree before going to Grandma Darlene & Papa David's house...

Uncle Brian helped Paige open her present.

With all the new Christmas toys, you'd think Paige would be in heaven with them. Not!  She wanted to splash in this tin bucket...haha.  If she sees water, she's in it immediately.  She even climbed in our fountain...there's no water in it right now.

Reese is always so content just being outside searching for leaves and dancing and running around.  I did get a few smiles from her :)

That's it for this week. I can't believe Christmas is over!  2013 will be here before we know it.  I'll be taking down the tree this week and trying to get back into the groove.  Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Santa & lots more

Santa visited OCA on Tuesday, and needless to say, my girls weren't really all that impressed.  They never have been, so it should be no surprise!  Paige did sit on his lap, but she had no interest in staying there...haha.   This Santa also left a lot to be desired...he tripped and fell at one point, and then by the time he got to Reese's class, you could see his entire face.  Oh well...he got the job done :)

While waiting on Santa to go to Reese's class, I hung out with Paige's class on the playground and got some pictures of her on the slide.  It took her forever to do this on her own, but now she does it everyday with no problems.

She did it three times while I was there!  There is one little girl in her class...the little brunette on the bottom left of the slide.  Her name is Mallory and she loves to play with Paige.  Paige, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with her.  Mallory never gives up, and she is always smiling and continues to try and play with Paige.  As you can see when she gets to the bottom of the slide, Mallory is just trying to help her.  Paige gives her "The Hulk" face in return...maybe one day she'll make an actual friend!

Next, she was on to the swings...her favorite!

The one picture I got of Reese...doesn't she look thrilled?

Just a few cute pictures of Reese showing her gums :)

And a few cute ones of Paige in her Santa shirt...

Another few cute ones in Christmas shirts...

This dry cold weather is making Paige's curls flatten out...she looks different when her hair is straight.

Last but not least...Reese found this wrapping paper roll just fascinating.  She played with it all afternoon.  She kept pulling some off and inspecting it.  Now it's in shreds all over the living room...haha.  Oh, please pardon her totally mis-matched outfit.  She had on matching PJ shorts, but it was a little chilly, so we threw on some sweat pants.  We stayed in our comfy jammies all day!

That's it for now!  I'll have lots of Christmas pics next week.  Merry Christmas!!