Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I have a lot of Easter pictures to share this week. The girls had their big Easter egg hunt at Barney's Play Park on Thursday with their classes. The sweet and kind-hearted folks from Circle of Friends host it every year, and they had lots of fun activities for the children.

We made two trips to Dr. LaRue this week...once for Reese. She had a follow-up appt. for her hives. She's good to go now, thank goodness. I took Paige in on Friday because she started up her nasty coughing again. The good thing is it doesn't seem to bother her or hurt her. It just sounds really bad and painful. She's back on Zithromax, so hopefully this will kick it. I'm so over my kids getting sick from other kids at school!!! (Banging head against wall)....

I wish I had some really pretty pictures of Reese in her Easter dress, but she still refuses to wear one. I'm not pushing her to do it, either, so we will settle for a nice springy-colored shirt :) I really hope her sensory issues dissipate in the coming's so frustrating.

Here are few goofy pictures of Reese and me waiting on the doctor. As you can see, she is back to her old self :)

These are blurry...which I can't stand! I had my little point & shoot camera with me instead of my big Canon. She was moving so fast I couldn't focus on her!

Here is Paige with Ms. Christy, hunting eggs. Paige found the golden egg and won a cute little stuffed ducky!

This egg looks okay...

Nah...I'll just toss it.

Reese's egg hunt adventures...

Paige and her sweet teacher getting ready to play the bean bag toss into the bunny!

Egg bowling...

And Paige and Ms. Christy with her prize!

A mini-photo shoot with Paige and one her many cute dresses :) I've given up on trying to fix this girl's is wild and wooly! She does have a cute barrette in there somewhere. She's definitely not the big bow type.

She's so lady-like...HAHA! Too cute :)

And some of Reesie :)

The girls with their Easter baskets...

Get real, Mom...I look silly in these ears.

That's it for attempt at another photoshoot with Paige was a disaster earlier today, so hopefully I can get more Easter pictures this week.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

River Ranch, Leaves, Cute Dress & Stalker Cat

Just a few of the words to describe our week! It seems like I just updated the blog yesterday, but it was a whole week ago. Time is just speeding up and it's getting out of control! Please slow down!

Wednesday was Reese's trip to River Ranch. I had no idea they have lots of things for kids to do there. They have a really nice petting zoo, a hayride and a great outdoor area for lunch. Reese was hesitant about touching most of the animals, but she did pet a horse and a sheep. She did find lots of leaves...that seems to be her fascination these days.

Here she is with her teacher, Mrs. Melinda, petting the horse. She even tried to climb into the pen!

Here are few more of her enjoying the sunshine :)

(And her sneaking into an empty pen...haha!)

A pony ride...blocking out all the outside noise.

Mommy.....don't make me sit in the window for a picture!! Nooooooo!!

Looking out the window...I just thought these were sweet pictures :)

Watching TV the traditional way is so boring.

I couldn't resist a little photoshoot with Pip and her cute striped dress!

A fun evening swing...

While Paige swings, Reese likes to hunt for leaves.

This is our little neighborhood cat. We call him Michael Myers, like the psycho killer from the Halloween movies. When we first met this cat, he would be outside whichever window we happened to be looking out of, and he'd be sitting there...just staring at us. Five minutes later, he'd be outside of another window, just staring. Stalker Cat! From far away, all you could see of his was his white face on the black body...and it reminded me of Michael, so that's his name. He's very friendly now, but he still appears out of nowhere and will stare you down like he's about to get you! He stares at us from tree limbs, from the roof of the house, from the patio benches...he's everywhere....