Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Trip to Georgia

Well, this was a first for me.  After seven years of being a mom, I finally went off on a girls' weekend away.  It took me that long to be okay with being away from my girls!  I've been away overnight twice in the past two years, but never an entire weekend.  I'm glad I waited until I was ready...I had so much fun!  A group of us drove up to Cartersville, Georgia, to visit our friend, Trudi.  If you remember, she moved up there back in June.  We were finally able to coordinate, and we had a blast!

Jennifer and I left first thing Friday morning and drove 8.5 hours.  Jane and Marie left later that day and got in later.  Marissa surprised us all and drove over from Alabama, and another friend of ours, Cheryl, came up from Atlanta.  She moved there not long after Trudi moved.

Friday night, it was just the three of us (Trudi, Jennifer and me).  We ate dinner at Longhorn and then Trudi showed us around her quaint little town.  The next morning, everyone else was finally there, and we all went to Trudi's gym to take an RPM class.  It's the Les Mills' version of Spinning.  That was fun!  Then we had another tour of the city and then lunch.  After that, Trudi took us on a 5-mile "hike"/"leisurely stroll" up a mountain trail...WOW at the foliage!  I'm so jealous that central Florida doesn't get this at all!  Check out these gorgeous pictures...

This was after RPM...this man is Roc and he's a regular at the gym there.  It's so fun riding with him because when it's time to go hard on the bikes, he blows his coach's whistle, and everyone knows it's time to get serious and work!

Later that evening, we went to eat at Chili's (like we always used to do back in Lake Wales) and had lots of fun.

We took this before eating at Cracker Barrel on the way up...the first of several pigging out sessions!

It was SOOOO good to see Trudi again!  She is so missed!

After practically taking the weekend off from working out, it was time to get serious this week.  I never take off an entire weekend unless I'm sick!  It drove me nuts sitting still in a car for two days.  Wednesday was the Body Combat launch at Gold's, and Cheryl was part of the instructor team.  Jennifer and I went to the class to support always, it kicked our butts!

Later that evening was Body Pump...and Jennifer and I just happened to wear the same shirt.  So, naturally, being the camera hog that I am....I had to take a few pictures...for no reason at all :)

And this concludes this week's photos!  I just realized I haven't taken ANY of my girls in the past two weeks....what?!  That's unheard of.  I better get on it.  One more week until school is out for Thanksgiving Break....that will give me a lot of time to get them on film :)

Have a great week!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween and other things...

Time for another blog post!  I have lots of random pictures here...first up is Reese in her cute pink Duck Dynasty shirt...I just think it's so cute!  And it looks adorable on her :)

Little Pip here looks so innocent, doesn't she?  Well, we all know the truth...haha.

We made an attempt to visit the pumpkin patch last weekend...we were there about five minutes.  Reese decided to dance a jig in between the pumpkins.  Paige had to touch them all.  I tried to get her to stick her head through the scarecrow painting...haha.  That lasted a split second.

I was able to watch the girls ride horses last Tuesday.  They both love it so much.  This is how Pip was riding when I walked up...backwards and laying down.  They both like riding Sonny backwards.  They were both very chatty and smiling the whole time :)  And they both did their PECS while riding...they have to use their pictures for their voice to tell the horse to "walk on."  And they did it!

A random shot of the sunset one evening as I was driving home from the was so pretty!

Heading to school one morning.  I just love the camera phone!

The Fall Festival was Friday...and Paige was the Hulk again.  Only this time she wore a tutu and decided she didn't want to wear the mohawk.  She also decided to get into the duckie pool and get extra dirty...haha.

Reese just wore a cute tshirt...she's actually worn it a few years now.  It still fits!  I'm not forcing her to wear a costume...she still has issues with fabric.  And she was completely happy playing with this ball the entire time :)

Let the mess begin....and yes, she's spitting on the last picture.  No girly girl at all!

A few more cute pictures in Halloween shirts...

And a few gym pictures....yes, I actually wore this in public to teach my Body Pump class...haha.  It was a big hit!

And lastly, a random picture of my new hair....I went darker and got some side bangs.  I like it, I think!

That's the news for now.  Thanks for stopping by!