Sunday, October 30, 2011

Yay! A healthy Halloween week!

We can finally say that it has been an entire week of no vomit, fever or illness in our house! It's about time. The girls have had a great week, and they had so much fun at their school Fall Festival on Friday. I was there the whole day, and it was great to see all the kids playing games, winning prizes, wearing their costumes & just having a good time.

Paige was Wonder Woman. She wore Reese's old costume from when she was two. It has been my favorite costume of theirs so far! I'm sad to say that Reese did not wear a costume this year. With her sensory issues, she can't wear anything tight or scratchy. I searched for something soft and decided to make her a referee costume. shorts, black & white striped shirt, black shoes. I figured I could make that, so I bought a plain white collared shirt and used fabric paint to paint the stripes. I even made the black box with the white R on the back. It was perfect! However, the shirt became stiff once the paint dried, and she went ballistic when I tried it on her. It wasn't a battle worth fighting, and I am not about to force her wear something that bothers her. So, needless to say, she wore her super cute pumpkin t-shirt and still looked adorable. Over the years, her sensory issues have changed. Her first few years, she wasn't as sensitive to certain things. When she was two, she wore this Wonder Woman costume with no problems. I'm hoping that as time goes on, she'll adapt to fabrics better. At some point, this girl is going to have to wear a bra...yikes!

Anyway, here are a whole slew of photos from Friday and the weekend.

A cute pose only lasts for so long! She started out happy and then got quite upset with me that I kept telling her to smile.

On this day, I got no smiles whatsoever!

Lots of pretty smiles from Reese, though :) She was in a silly mood here.

Yay! A smile!

Awww...two sisters sharing.

Do I want to read or watch TV? I can actually do both at the same time.

Paige as Wonder Woman at school on Friday!

Paige with an OT intern...I can't remember her name, but she was a sweet girl.

Paige and Heike, an amazing physical therapist :) She loves Sponge Bob!

Paige and Michelle, one of the paras in her room. Paige loves her!

Reese and her super awesome teacher, Susanne. Love her!

Reese is so not into this kind of and things. She just wanted to be left alone to walk around. She had fun just doing her own thing. Susanne did help her play a few games. She needs to be forced out of her comfort zone sometimes.

She did like dancing to the Halloween music!

Reese & Geni...aka Tigger! Geni is one of the coolest people you'll ever meet, and she is the best OT ever!

And some weekend pics...

Look who is supposed to be sleeping, but is instead throwing her blankets & pillows onto the floor...THIS little stinker!

Doesn't she have "trouble" written all over her face?!

Another little someone was too busy playing in her bed to sleep :)

Happy Halloween from Ram-Paige and her little trick-or-treating buddies!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

I'm so over this.

My poor children have been sick for three weeks straight! They keep passing the stomach bug back and forth, and both had bronchitis in between. Reese started vomiting Tuesday afternoon, and kept going for over 48 hours. It was unbelievable. Today is Sunday, and this is the first day she has shown some kind of energy. She is finally drinking and eating and moving around. She has lost weight and is so thin. Paige has had this same bug 3 times in three weeks...she gets it, gets better for a few days, and then gets it again. She seems okay today. I would so much rather be sick than see my girls go through this. I honestly don't know what else to do...I've cleaned everything, steam cleaned the rug...I really hope this is the end of this.

Needless to say, I don't have many Reese pictures. I do have several of Paige in between her spells.

This was Monday before she got sick. She was munching on some vanilla wafers, just being her usual silly self.

This is what she looked like the rest of the week...poor baby!

This is what Paige looked like on Wednesday when she got home from school. She brought half the playground home with her...haha! She had dirt all over her face.

Here is Paige playing with her Daddy...she was giggling and being so silly!

We had all our beach towels spread everywhere in case she got sick again...and they wound up being blankets for Reese.

No words are needed for these photos! Apparently, powder isn't just for baby butts's fun to play with. These photos sum up this child to a tee!

Paige finally decided to treat her baby like a real baby and push her around in her stroller. Usually, she just knocks the whole thing over, and the poor baby is head down on the tile.

And more of my little fearless daredevil...

"Why, yes, Mommy...I am here to drive you crazy. That is my sole purpose on this Earth." Haha...she is the funniest little thing!

We didn't make it to the pumpkin patch this weekend, obviously, but we are aiming to go next weekend. I'm dying to take some fall pics of my girls! Have a good week, and hopefully I'll have a better story to tell next Sunday.