Sunday, August 31, 2014

Down on the Farm...and the pool

Hello, friends and family!  Today I'm sharing photos of our July trip to Green Meadows Farm.  Grandma Darlene and Papa David had been wanting to take the girls over there, so we planned a little trip and went.  It was definitely hot and muggy, but it was a fun time.  Reese was more observant than Paige.  She wanted to run everywhere and didn't really seem too impressed with the animals.  She was more into the leaves, the trees and pretty much everywhere she wasn't supposed to be...haha.  We didn't stay with a group like you're supposed to.  We just wandered around and checked things out at our own pace.

If you want Paige to see the animals, you have to pick her up and pretty much make her look at them...haha.

Reese had a great time walking around and checking things out.  It really is pretty out there with all the big trees and open area.

She seemed interested in this gigantic pig.  Or sow.  Or hog.  All I know is that it was HUGE.

Ahhhh....the life.  Laying around in the mud not having a care in the world.

Meanwhile, where's Paige?  Over there, walking away from everyone.  She was on a constant mission the entire time.  Who knows what it was...

Checking out the donkeys!

The goats were really cute.

And the ostrich almost took Papa's hat...haha.

Where's Paige?  Over in the trees, trying to yank her shirt off.

Still yanking...

I love this barn!

And so did Pip.  She headed straight for it.

Even though it says STAFF ONLY....she is a blatant rule breaker.  And I love her for it!

Time to check out the sheep.

I'm almost positive she was reading this and adding to her brain files.

So adorable!

Where's Paige?  Oh, there she is.

Haha! This cracks me up.  Sooooo totally my girls.  One being forced to look through the hole, while the other one sticks her fingers in her ears....and you can only see her elbow.  I wouldn't expect anything less than this...haha!

Taking a break on the old fire truck.  I love this picture!

Checking out the little ponies...we didn't ride them because we "weren't with a group."  Oh, wasn't a big deal.  You only get to go once around the little track, and these girls don't understand why they can't stay on longer.  They didn't care.

Grandma did a great job of trying to get Pip to stand still so I could take her picture!  It's not an easy job...

Cute little pony :)

This donkey smiled at me!  They were really friendly.

Taking a was so hot!

A cute farm selfie :)

And probably one of the coolest moments of the day (for me, anyway) was Reese going to the bathroom while we were there!  This is a BIG deal for us...considering she just has mastered going on the potty a few months ago.  Strange toilets were hard for her to use.  But she did it like a champ, and we celebrated by taking a bathroom selfie...haha!  One excited mama moment :)

And here are some pool pics....some of them I had to really lighten up because of the dark shadows under the  umbrella.  There are a mix from my iphone and my big camera.

Here's my smiling baby goose!

The ring tossing continues...

And so do the silly faces :)

More of Reesie Cup...

Tuesday is her 8th birthday.  I'm still shocked as to how this really doesn't seem possible.  I really want to go back and watch the videos I made of her years ago, but I know I'll just cry like a baby.  I love reminiscing and remembering how little she used to be.  We'll be sharing shoes soon....this just doesn't seem right!

That's it for this week....have a great Labor Day!