Sunday, June 24, 2012

Storms, rain, tornadoes...

What a wet weekend this has been!  And it's still going...there are tornadoes all over the county as I'm typing this.  It has literally rained all weekend long, and it has just been nasty.  We haven't gone outside at all, and we all have cabin fever.  I'm very thankful we haven't had any major storm damage here...I've read about power outages & tornado damage elsewhere.  This is scary stuff!  We have a few closets to hide in if we need to...but hopefully everything will die down soon.

Needless to say, I don't have any pool pictures this time around...haha.  Everything we did the past few days has been indoors, which pretty much means laying around, watching tv, and for Reese, jumping on her trampoline :)

Lazy goose :)

More trampoline jumping... 

The silly picture of the week...Reese's Matrix Crotch Grab...haha!

And some cute Paige pictures...she now thinks its okay to crawl up onto my desk and the dinner table. I caught her trying to do it here, and you can tell by the look on her face that she thinks it's just the greatest thing ever.

Hopefully this weather will improve over the next day or so and we'll be back in the pool this weekend. Being stuck inside is just not fun. Have a great week, and stay safe & dry!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Well, June is rolling right on along, isn't it?  Reese has already completed one week of VPK, and she is loving it.  Tomorrow, Paige begins attending OCA's summer camp.  She stayed home with me last week, and believe me...she is ready to play with some of her little friends.  All of her therapists are there, and I know she'll have fun.  We've had lots of fun pool time this weekend.  We've also had some sadness this week.  Marshall's great-grandmother passed away on Thursday.  Mamaw Idell McCall would have been 97 years old today!  We attended her Homegoing services this afternoon, and it was a beautiful one.  She definitely lived a full life and had lots of people who loved her.  She was very proud of her family, especially her great-great grandbabies...all 28 of them!  That is so amazing.

It's also Father's Day, and we enjoyed some family time in the pool.  I know that's what we do every weekend, but we just love it :)

Here are some photos from Thursday evening...just playing outside on the patio.  Blogger is acting's putting my photos in all sorts of places, and I'm tired of trying to fix it!  Hopefully you can see them okay.

 And cue the usual pool pics... :)


Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's Summer!

Summer is officially here, and it's officially HOT! I have lots of pool pictures to share today...I know it seems like that's all I take anymore. But that's what we've been doing, so that's what we have pictures of. The girls are finished with another great school year. Reese will be in VPK starting tomorrow at OCA. Paige will start their summer camp program next week. They will continue to get therapy everyday, and they get to do aquatics twice a week at the YMCA. The pool is awesome therapy for so many of those kids! They don't ride horses in the summer; it's just too hot -- for the kids and the horses. So the pool takes its place, and it's wonderful. The girls always love it. Hopefully it won't rain them out in the mornings.

Anyway, it's getting late...I am delayed in posting this because of the storm. We had to take our baths late because of the lightning, so I'm just now getting around to finishing this up. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

These are from Wednesday...the girls were having fun playing with my mom. Reese was just a ball of energy and was bouncing all over the place. I couldn't resist getting her sweet smile on film! And Paige was being a lovey dovey silly goose.

Haha...Paige can fit into her baby's stroller.

Lots of pool pictures from the between all the rain. The girls really enjoyed being outside, in and out of the pool

Of course, Michael Myers had to come hang with us down at the pool :) We call him our "son."

This picture is so funny...I was really close to her and she's leaning forward, so her head looks huge!

That's it for now. See you next Sunday!