Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving week photos

It has been an interesting week for all of us. It started out last Sunday with Reese throwing up again :( She had a 24-hour bug. By Monday afternoon she was acting like her old self.

Then, on top of that, my computer got a horrible virus. I couldn't do anything without it affecting every program. Marshall spent a good three days on the phone with tech support, trying to figure it out. I wound up having to back up every picture, song, & document on my hard drive. Luckily I have been backing up my photos every week or so, so that wasn't a problem. It was very hard to realize that five years worth of stuff was about to be wiped out! Tech support had to pretty much delete everything and reinstall Windows I've been working on reloading important things back onto the hard drive. Talk about a stressful situation! I'm so grateful this problem was fixable, though.

We had a great Thanksgiving...we visited lots of family. I'm so glad everyone is local so we don't have travel very far. The hard part this year was working around Paige's nap schedule. It seems like everyone eats around 1 or 1:30, and her nap time is around 12ish...thankfully it worked out and everyone was happy. I didn't get as many pictures of everyone like I wanted to, but that's okay. I'll get plenty at Christmas.

Marshall took Reese 4-wheeling this afternoon while Paige napped, so I wasn't there to photograph it...he said she LOVED it and didn't want to leave. She's such an outdoor girl :)

Enjoy this week's pictures!

Paige enjoying her swing...she loves fresh air!

Reese's new hallway's still there for us all to admire :)

Random cute Paige pictures...

Thanksgiving Eve with Grandma Darlene & Papa David...

Thanksgiving at Granny and Pa's...we split up this year because we had so many places to visit. Paige and I came here while Marshall and Reese went to his dad's. I don't have many pictures of Reese this week. She is just too busy for me! Here is Paige with her Aunt Kim and cousin Sarah.

How Paige gets comfy while watching Dora :)

Here we are Saturday (well, I'm not in the pictures) picking out our Christmas tree. Paige thought it was wonderful. Reese couldn't have cared less, but she did look around and checked out all the trees. There were a lot of people around, so it was kind of chaotic for her.

Reese jumping on her trampoline...the front room is all unorganized at the moment. I put up the Christmas tree yesterday and furniture is everywhere. I'm still rearranging everything, so pardon the mess. And, yes, my girls are still wearing their cute Halloween tshirts...they make excellent "bum around the house" shirts!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I can't believe Thanksgiving is this week! I blinked and November flew right on by. Last I remember we were trick-or-treating! Either time is speeding up or I'm losing it. [Probably a little of both...haha!]

We've had a great week. The girls had fun at OCA's Thanksgiving festivities on Tuesday. We had lunch with Reese and watched all the children take part in lots of fun things. Reese actually wore her indian costume with the rest of her classmates! I didn't expect her to, so it was a nice surprise to see her in it. Paige wore her indian vest, but her headpiece was too small...she does have a big noggin :)

Reese and her wonderful & beautiful teacher, Ms. Sheenah :)

Reese shaking her maraca :) I made 90 of these out of toilet paper rolls for the Prek-K kids. They decorated them with should have seen them shaking them! Who would've thought that cheap toilet paper rolls would be such a hit?

Here's Paige just hanging out in the big red stroller. She wore her little indian vest that her teachers helped her make. I was with her when she was out of the stroller, so I didn't get any pictures of her then.

Here's Paige's rock star hair after her nap last Sunday :)

Paige loves to play on the couch. She has finally discovered how to crawl off all by herself. She tries to climb on, but she's too short. She'll hike her leg up and try, but she can't quite get up there yet. Once she's there, she'll play all day :)

When I went to check on Paige during her nap yesterday, this is what I saw.

We took the girls to Chili's Saturday night, and they both behaved so well! I was so proud of them.

Paige now thinks it's funny to get a mouthful of milk and let it dribble out of her her shirt got all wet. No putting this one back in the closet...haha.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hack Hack Hack!

Ugh...everyone over here except Marshall has the sniffling, sneezing & coughing gunk. I'm actually almost over it. The girls are getting better, but they're still having bouts of runny nose and coughing spurts. I took Reese to the doctor on Wednesday so she could start on antibiotics. Over the counter meds never work for her, so I knew she needed something. She stayed home from school on Thursday and rested. She went back Friday, only to have another student BITE her :( This is the second time in about two weeks that she has been bitten. Thank goodness it didn't break the skin.

Tuesday is OCA's Thanksgiving celebration, so we'll be getting to eat lunch with Reese, and I'll be helping out with their fun activities. Native Americans are coming to the school to do a presentation for the kids, they're making Stone Soup, they'll get to see tee pees and play games. I'm looking forward to this!

Lots of pictures this week (surprise, surprise!)...both of my girls are still silly-willy despite being sick. Enjoy!

Reese & me being silly waiting on Dr. gets awful boring just sitting and waiting for why not bring out the camera? :)

Still waiting...

Paige being her usual funny self...all I have to is tickle her neck and she'll give me a huge grin :)

Random Reese couch pictures...she looks so cute!

Silly Paige having her Cheerio break :)

Random photo shoot with Reese...

The Cheerio Fanatic :)