Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pool pics galore!

This is a picture-heavy post :)  We spent Memorial Day weekend in the pool, pretty much. The water feels great, and the girls were super excited to get their suits on and their swim rings blown up!  Reese immediately wanted to get in, and Paige couldn't wait to start splashing.  You really have to keep a vigilant eye on Paige at ALL TIMES...she knows no fear and just wants to do a million things a minute.

I spent Saturday renewing my CPR, First Aid and Oxygen training at the Y.  Good stuff to know...not just for my classes at the gym, but also for life in general...especially with kids!

Here are a few pictures from earlier in the week....Paige just being silly :)

Her new thing now is to climb into her bed right after her bath and jump on it...and then she flings herself down into her pillow pile.  And then she does it again...and again...and again!   On this night, she spotted a water bottle underneath her bed, so she did her Mission Impossible move to get it...

Okay...these are from Sunday and Monday....I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves :)

Have a great week!