Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Little Supermodel

We had Reese's pictures taken on Saturday, and they turned out beautifully! I know she turned three in September, but these are officially her "birthday" photos...haha. Lexi Wharem took them; she has started Greenprint Photography and is doing amazing work! If she sounds familiar, she used to work with Marshall. She stays booked because her photos are just beautiful. She captured the true are some of the shots. She wouldn't stop biting her fingernails...little stinker!

Here is one random picture I took of her the other day when she wasn't in the mood to pay me any attention...

Paige is still as silly as ever! She is still not crawling...but she has figured out how to move her back legs. She won't move her arms yet, so she flops forward a lot. She is a great eater -- she now loves squash, sweet potatoes and blueberries. About once a week I blend everything for her and she gobbles it right up. Carrots are next on the menu.

We went golf cart riding and swinging on Sunday, and as you can see, this is what Paige thought of the swing...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another week in the Whidden house....

Reese went back to the doctor on Friday...she came down with the croup :( She missed three days of school, but she went back today. The medicine she was on made her really moody and cranky, so I'm glad it was only for five days. Other than that, she's doing really well. She missed riding horses on Tuesday -- I'm hoping she'll get to ride on Thursday instead.

Paige is doing really well...I can't believe she is getting so big! She is so funny and still laughs at almost anything. She is still rocking back and forth on her hands and knees...every day I expect her to go forward. She is getting used to her two top teeth and one bottom tooth -- she started grinding them together last night. Now when she grins you can really see them!

Here she is trying to do her sissy's homework already....haha!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Paige is 9 months & more Horsie pics!

I can't believe Paige is nine months old's really incredible how fast this year is flying by. She loves to get up on her hands and knees and just stay there for a few minutes and then flop back down. She will be mobile very soon! And I just discovered last night that her two bottom teeth have just barely broken the gums. I blended up some butternut squash for her on Monday and so far she loves it. I'm so glad she's a good eater so far!

Last week was her 9-month checkup and she got a great report! She weighs 16 lbs. 9 oz. and is 27.5 inches. I was relieved to know that everything looked healthy--her heart, ears, throat, etc. I'm one proud mommy! Here are her 9-month pictures and a few random ones.

Reese is doing very well. She still loves school, and is really loving riding the horses. Her teachers gave me a copy of the rest of the pictures, so here are a few more of them. She is so at peace while she's riding! I'm so happy to hear that she's really coming along and adjusting well to everything.

Here are few more of Reesie being silly at Bok Tower :)