Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's Halloween!

Hey there!  I'm excited to make this blog post today because I get to share pictures of some Halloween fun :)  This was a busy week for me...the OCA Fall Festival was on Friday.  I planned a great deal of it, so the week was filled with finishing up games, prizes, signs...and lots of other odds and ends.  I get stressed out about things like this, so I'm glad it's over...haha.  It turned out nicely, though, and the students had fun.  It was very windy, so our games & signs kept blowing over.  No one seemed to care, though, and it all worked out.

Also, Paige's teacher, Susanne, had her sweet baby girl on Thursday.  She named her Lillian Grace, and she arrived a little early.  I'm very happy for her, yet I'm sad that she'll be out of the classroom for a few months.  She had Reese in class for nearly two years, and now she has Paige.  She has been a crucial part of my girls' lives for a while, so we're going to miss her!  On the flip side, she needs to be with her baby now and get that sweet bonding time in.  I couldn't be happier for her and Lillian :)

My sweet youngest child was The Hulk for was the perfect costume for her!  If you've ever seen her angry, then you know why...haha.  She was too adorable and rather funny!  She couldn't have cared less about the games or prizes...she just wanted to run around and get dirty...hence, the bare feet!

She was just too busy to sit on the hay bale for a picture...

Reese's costume consisted of a cute super hero tshirt.  I didn't try and force a costume on her.  She still can't tolerate anything scratchy or tight, so when I found this cute shirt, I knew it would be perfect for her.  Here she is with Miss Leah and Miss Chelsey.  They love Reese, and they are huge helpers in Ms. Norma's class.  They have single-handedly helped Reese learn to drink from a big girl cup with a straw instead of her sippy cup.  She has never grasped the concept of sucking through a straw, so she has never even wanted to try it.  These girls have kept on and kept on working with her until she finally got it.  I am so thankful for them!

With a little coercing, Reese did play a few of the games.  She tossed the bean bags into the bowl and she tossed the ring onto the spider!  Then she ran off looking for leaves...haha!

She was very happy to find herself a piece of hay to touch :)

Saturday evening we walked down the street to the Trunk or Treat event held by a few nearby churches.  The girls don't actually trick-or-treat because they just don't understand it.  Plus, they have no interest in candy.  I guess that's a good thing!  Here are more pictures of the Hulk...

And Reese wouldn't smile for anything...she just kept sticking out her tongue and looking serious!  She gave me some silly grins at some point, but I was hoping for a true Reese smile.  Oh, well...she's still cute!

Walking down the sidewalk...

Look how happy this little Hulk was to just run around!

And contrary to popular belief, even the Hulk gets worn out.

That's it! Have a great week!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

All kinds of things

I have all kinds of things to post about today.  I forgot to mention last week that I finally got Paige's room painted.  Bye-bye, yellow, hello pretty turquoise!  I only have one coat on, so in the next few weeks I'll find time to get a second coat on.  It's very pretty, and I like it so much better than the pastel.  We still have to assemble her new drawers & cubby shelf.  Marshall has just been swamped with a project and hasn't had time to do it.  Paige doesn't seem to care.  She does love her bed and her room!

This is where she has fallen asleep the past few nights...on the floor in front of the bathroom door.  Now that I look at this picture, I'm noticing some paint drips...oops!

We took the girls to the pumpkin patch on Saturday.  I heard about the Heartland Maze down in Bowling Green, so we went on an adventure.  The girls mainly just wanted to run around and explore, but I did manage to get some pictures.  We looked at pumpkins and went through a big corn maze.  They had ponies there to ride, but we didn't do that.  The girls just started riding at school, and I didn't want a minute pony ride to confuse them.  Plus, I know that they would have had meltdowns when it was time to get off.  At school, they know the difference.  So we skipped that and just explored.  A fun time was had!  Well, except for the times when I tried to get Paige to pose in front of the scarecrows and pumpkins...haha.

Today we went for another Honda ride...the weather was just perfect for outdoor events this weekend!  The girls had a great time, as usual.  I didn't get but this one picture of Reese.  After we parked the Hondas, I was chasing Paige around, taking her pictures.  She kept running and she eventually tripped and fell on the pavement.  She was okay, but she did wind up with a skinned up knee.  Reese was ready to go shortly after all that drama, so no more pictures.

And, finally, I got some pictures of the girls riding sent to me today by one of their therapists.  Those women are so good about taking pictures of the girls!  I love that.  I'm happy to see them in action when I'm not at the school.  I'm so happy it's October...these girls just love riding!

Well, that's it for now.  See you next week!