Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving & Legoland!

What a great Thanksgiving week we've had! Hard to believe it's over already. We did a lot of relaxing over the past week, and it was so nice. The girls got to sleep in (well, Paige did...Reese is always up early) and hang out in pajamas a lot :) We visited with lots of family on Wednesday and Thursday and ate a ton of delicious food. I got to see my sister, whom I hardly ever see! And she only lives in Lake Alfred...geez.

Saturday was the most fun...Marshall and I took Reese to Legoland for her belated birthday gift. We originally wanted to try Disney, but then we realized Legoland was opening in mid-October. Yesterday was so perfect...the weather was awesome! She had a fantastic time. I was worried about how she would handle having to wait in lines, but she did a GREAT job! She rode the carousel twice and two other rides. One was a train with two-seater carts that went around in a circle really fast...kind of like the Himalayas from the fairs from back in the day. She also rode this helicopter-type ride where you pedal your feet and your chopper rises higher and higher while going in a circle. She squealed and laughed...she only got upset when the rides came to an end. She didn't want to get off of them. She walked the entire park and checked out a lot of the Lego-built structures. It is really a cool place...even if you aren't really interested in Legos.

They also have the Cypress Gardens part still's still as pretty as ever. And the gazebo is still there! The lovely place where Marshall and I got married almost 12 years ago. Oh, the memories.... :)

The best part was that we were able to get in for free! Thanks to my awesome friend Jennifer, we only had to pay for parking. She has a friend who works there, and employees have a special pass that gets in so many people for free. She hooked us up! Thank you, Jennifer!!

Onto the plethora of pictures...there are a ton today!

Our Thanksgiving pictures...

Grandma Darlene and the girls...

The girls having a good time outside at my Granny Betty's house...

Me and my little sis...

Legoland fun! Although Reese's face doesn't look ecstatic in most of these pictures, she really did have a great time. She was more interested in moving than stopping for a posed photo. So don't let her serious look fool you :)

My little bathing beauties...

My swing addict...

A couple of cute random photos of Reese...

Whew! That's a lot of picture taking. That's it for now...see you next Sunday!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's Sunday!

Another Sunday has rolled around...time for a blog update! No actual news to report. The girls had a great week at home and at school. They are doing really well so far on their first new vitamin. They both started it on Thursday, and they are still taking their salt baths. Both of their teachers have already noticed positive changes in them! Paige is focusing more, playing with a specific toy for an extended period of time instead of just grabbing it and tossing it...she also is happier for the bulk of the day and only has about one meltdown or tantrum.

Reese is staying in her seat for longer periods of time, is focusing more on activities and is doing really well with her PECS. If you aren't familiar with PECS, it's Picture Exchange Communication System...basically pictures that she uses for her words. She is now up to four pictures, and she has to choose the one that shows what she wants. She has come so far!

After both girls gradually work up to their highest dosage of this Super Nu Thera 5P5vitamin, they will start with a vitamin called Speak. Nu Thera is high in vitamin B, as well as other vitamins. Speak is a language booster, and so many parents who give this to their kids see almost immediate language! It contains Vitamin E and K, and Omega's a fish oil. I am looking forward to them starting this...keeping my fingers crossed that it helps them improve with their communication!

I will keep everyone posted on our findings! I forgot to mention that we collected urine & stool samples from both girls and got those sent off on Thursday. I'll spare you the details of the collection was interesting to say the least! Marshall and I go back next month to discuss those results and how the vitamin schedule is working out.

Now...onto the pictures!

A few cute pictures of the girls after school on Monday...being their usual silly selves :)

More cute randoms :)

Here are a few pictures from the girls' Thanksgiving activities at school. Paige just wanted to she wasn't too happy about getting her face painted. She didn't want any Stone Soup, either...haha.

Paige loves Ms. Josie! No one swings like Ms. Josie...apparently there is an art to pushing Paige in the swing, and she doesn't like anyone else to do it!

Come on, Ms. Josie...I want to swing!!!!!!!!!

Reese didn't want her face painted, but she did allow them to paint a cute butterfly on her arm. However, as soon as she walked away, she wiped it off!

Paige can't go outside without heading straight to the swings! She doesn't want to do anything else...

Marshall and I have to split up because while Paige heads straight to the swing, Reese heads to the pool gate and waits for someone to open it so she can go searching for leaves. Looks like she hit the jackpot! Yes, she brought this thing inside and I had to swipe it when she wasn't looking and toss it back outside. She pulls the leaves off one by one...

That's about it for this week. The girls are off from school, and this coming week is Thanksgiving. We are taking Reese to Legoland on Saturday for her belated birthday present. We were thinking of taking her to Disney, and then we found out Legoland was opening in October. We wanted to wait until it cooled off little, so this weekend is when we're going. I can't wait! I know she will love riding rides...I can't wait to take her!