Sunday, September 26, 2010

If I had one wish...

It would be that no child has to EVER get sick! Paige has her first cold :( I know in the grand scheme of life, a cold is very minor. There are so many other children out there suffering from far worse, and I'm SO grateful that both of my girls have never had anything serious. Paige has this lingering stuffy nose, and she can't breathe clearly through her nose. Add in the fact that she LOVES to suck her thumb, and you've got a disaster. She's coping very well, though, and doesn't act like she's sick. She's still playing and being her usual silly self. I think it's more annoying to her than anything. She is still nursing, so I'm hoping that will help kick it! [I know, I'm the marathon nurser...between Paige and Reese, I've nursed for almost 40 months!! I would do it all over again, too, because it is so worth it! Reese nursed for 20 months, and Paige is almost 20 months.] Okay...too much information, for you, right?! LOL!

Reese has had a fantastic week at school. Tomorrow is picture here's hoping she might crack a smile! I'm not counting on it...haha. Maybe if they tickle her or sing "The Wheels on the Bus" she might give a half-grin...

She is really progressing at school, and has been doing some things at home that show she is learning a lot. She is interacting with Dora now and will do things that Dora asks. She points to things on the screen when Dora asks, and she is also becoming more interactive with the music and songs!

Enjoy the pictures :)

Pirate Paige...arrrr!

Reesie playing with Grandma Darla and Dora :) They are singing the Hola Hola song.

[Sorry, Mama...but this picture was too cute not to post! I know you told me to not put your picture on can ground me later...mwahahaha]

Then Marshall had to join in the fun...

Reese being silly in the bathtub :)

Paige and her daddy lounging on the couch...

Yesterday we went down to the garden for a golf cart ride and some swinging...lots of fun was had :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekly Update

Well, another week has flown by. It has been a stressful week, and I honestly don't feel like giving all the details [and I'm sure you don't really want to hear them]. I've just been kind of "blah" I'll just post the pictures I have of the girls for you:

Paige's first pair of sneakers...size 3! She has tiny little feet :) She has a new pair of sandals, too.

The usual "Ignore Mom" pic:

Paige in the midst of her own little self-invented Jane Fonda workout...we call them "Pillow Pushups." She will bounce up and down on this pillow for long periods of's so funny to watch her and hear her squeal with excitement! I guess she really "feels the burn"....haha! [These were taken at night, so the lighting was off. I had to brighten them up some.]

Reese having a good time in [and around] the pool yesterday:

And more "leave me alone, mom" pics. Reese wasn't too happy on Friday. She had her 4-year check up and got three shots. She weighs 38.5 pounds and is 40.25 inches tall! She's gaining on me...pretty soon she can give me piggy back rides :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Reese's Play Hut, Puffs & a Mohawk

I wanted to share a picture of the play hut that Marshall and [Papa] David are building for Reese. The two roof sections are almost finished...they are going to use palm fronds to fill in the top. It will look like a tiki hut once it's done. And also in the plans will be some type of addition on the left side for a set of swings, and on the second tier, a little rock climbing wall. On the side where the tree is, a slide will be attached. So it's coming along, but I couldn't wait to show everyone how awesome it is!!

And more pictures of our week's events...

Pippy the Puffinator :) She loves to scatter them everywhere and cram them in her mouth as fast as possible!

Reese in bed Friday night...she had to take two bottles of bubbles with her!

Paige having fun in her ducky tub...she is one happy girl :)

I tried a mohawk, but it flipped over! Still cute...

Looking cute in her crib:

Fun weekend pool time :)