Monday, May 31, 2010

Pool Fun on Memorial Day Weekend

It has been a great week in the Whidden house! Everyone is doing well. I took Reese back to her doctor on Friday for her follow-up appt. and we got a good report. We'll see how long the healthy vibes last... keep your fingers crossed. She only has a week and a half left of school, then gets a few days off before starting summer camp. It lasts for seven weeks, and I know she will love it. Now that the horse therapy is done for the season, they'll get to swim at the YMCA twice a week. She sure loved it last year!

We've had a fun weekend in the pool, enjoying the sun before the rains come in. I love having a pool! It's not the beach, but it sure is close :) The girls just love it. Reese is our careful child...she creeps in little by little, hanging on tight. Paige, on the other hand, is turning out to be our daredevil. She just wants to dive in head first, without a care in the world. She loves to splash her hands and dip her head into the water already. One thing is for sure...she is ready for a nap once she gets out!

Here are the pictures of our week. My hard drive is keeps telling me to delete some things because my memory is almost full. The majority of that memory is filled with pictures of my girls! If you can't tell, I take pictures of everything...haha.

Paige being her silly self :)

Reese having a fun time just running around down by the pool.

I couldn't resist these sweet pictures of Pippy taking a nap :)

Paige and her favorite toy: the remote!

More adorable pictures of Pioneer Paige...aka Wagon Woman!

Taking a swing break...

More Reese outside patio pics...

And one inside "Ignore Mom" pic....haha.

Everyone playing in the pool...I'm behind the camera, obviously!

And check out this gorgeous rainbow that appeared after the storm. The picture doesn't do it justice. And there was another one on top of this one, but you can't see it in the picture.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Bathing Beauties

Another beautiful week has passed, and both Reese and Paige are doing great! I don't want to jinx it, but there are no sickies in the house...woo hoo! I have a lot of great pictures to share...plenty of pool pics and cute little swim suits :)

Reese had a fun week at school. Friday was Field Day and the Giddy-Up Walkathon. The walkathon raised over $2,000, which is almost what the school needs to care for a new horse. Reese raised $450 of that!! Yeah!! She definitely has a great family and lots of friends who want to see her school get everything it needs. Hopefully they will find just the right horse for the kids, and now they will be able to care for it and feed it for a year with this money. Reese loves the horses, and they have helped her so much. Hippo Therapy is awesome!

I went to Field Day and hung out. I am on the PTO and helped with the walkathon, so that was a lot of fun. The bigger kids had lots of things to take part in...relay races, dancing, contests, etc. The smaller kids walked their laps and then had some pool and sprinkler time. Reese has issues with lots of chaos, so she wasn't too keen on playing in a little blue plastic pool with five or six other hyped-up kids. She waited until the pool was empty and then stepped in. She hung out in the shade a lot (I can't blame her for was unbelievably hot). Then they had lunch and took naps. Her class was the green team, and they tie-dyed shirts for them.

Reese's class after they completed the walkathon. Yes, Reese is a blankie addict and walked her laps with it...haha.

She has her swimsuit on and no pants!

Walking with one of her OT's, Ms. Christy. She adores Reese!

Here is Reese hanging out in the shade, eating Cheetos :)

Here she is checking out the pool....umm...way too crowded!

Hmmmmm...I might get in now.

Okay, I'll get in now that all those kids are gone.

Okay, I'm done!

She didn't care for the slip-n-slide or the sprinkler too much, either.

Paige sporting her sun hat while riding in the wagon. She looks super cute :)

Here is what Paige does every time Reese has a snack on her plate. She yanks it off and then tries to crawl away like she didn't do it.

And the same disaster on another day. This time I caught her doing it. Thank goodness the plate was already empty!

Reese loves to play on our bed. She'll grab her blanket and go cuddle up with the pillows and just meditate...haha. I can't blame her for wanting some quiet time after a busy day at school.

And some random beauty shots :)

Reese playing on the patio earlier this week:

Our Saturday was full of fun pool time! Reese swam while Paige napped, and then Paige swam later on when it wasn't so hot. They both had a great time!

The look on her face is priceless!!

Okay, Dad, listen up. I don't think you're hearing me correctly.

Never too busy for a thumb break :)

And Reesie having her pool fun :)

Still sporting the farmer's tan!