Sunday, July 25, 2010

Old McReesie Had a Farm!

What a fun week! Wednesday was the Green Meadows Farm trip...and boy was it HOT! Although most of the farm is shaded by nice, big oaks, it was still extremely humid. There's nothing like walking around sweating for four hours (all while smelling those lovely farm smells...haha). Reese was in such a great mood and rode the school bus like a big girl. One of the first things the kids did was go for a pony ride. When I say ride, I mean only like a 1-minute lap around the pony track. That was NOT what Reese had in mind, and needless to say, when I tried to pry her off the pony, she went beserk. She just wanted to ride longer, but there was a line of children waiting for their turn. That set the mood for the entire day -- she was NOT happy after that. She had moments of happiness, though, and finally realized that life would not end if she didn't ride the ponies for four hours. Once the bus was loaded up to come home, she immediately leaned against me and fell fast asleep. I almost did, too :)

Paige has had a good week. She has become an expert at cruising around the coffee table, but she's still not ready to let go. We got both girls in the pool this weekend, and while Reese is our new little daredevil, Paige totally goes into relaxation mode. She sticks her thumb into her mouth, leans back in her floatie, and just hangs out. Reese is so brave these days...she just kicks her legs and swims all over the place (with her swim ring). She still isn't ready to go under, but she has come a long way since the beginning of the summer.

Anyway, here are this week's pictures...

Reese and me on the bus...Farm Bound!

Reese at the farm :) Here she is with Miss Christy on the hay ride. This was at the end, and she was worn slap out.

This is the turkey pen (right before the pony ride debacle).

Her very short, but enjoyable, pony ride:

Eating a snack at the picnic tables:

Here she is petting a goat and playing in the goats' house. The goats were pretty much the only animal she wanted to touch.

Enjoying a train ride around the farm:

And back on the bus...

Paige at the coffee table:

Paige eating her favorite thing...Puffs! No matter where I put them, they always wind up on the floor :)

She is still getting used to wearing shoes:)

Ooooh! Sissy's cheerio crumbs! I must have them!

This color looks so good on Reese and I was attempting to get her to smile, but as you can see, she just leaned around me because I was in her way...haha.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another hot July week

I don't have a lot to report this week...just lots of cute pics of my girls. This Wednesday is the trip to Green Meadows Farm with Reese's school. Hopefully it won't rain...I know it will be hot and muggy enough! I'll take lots of pics. Anyway, here are this week's pictures :)

Here's Reesie right after getting into her bed one night...she was in such a giggly mood :) Of course, she is laying at the opposite end of her bed!

Little Pippy cooling off her feet after a hard day at the office :)

And after her bath...

Here she is trying to snack on a puzzle piece.

Being a little lazy couch potato :)

And just being her usual adorable self...

Reese playing outside...I love this color on her.

A little photo shoot with Paige...another orange outfit.

The weekly Ignore Mom pic :)

Reese finally decided to try out the big girl swing, and she loved it!

Paige getting comfy on the floor...and propping her little feet on the couch!

And a few Reesie pool pics...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Trains, flowers, sun & fun!

It has been a great week for us! I have a whole slew of pictures to share. Wednesday was Reese's Amtrak Train field trip. It was our first time riding a train, so it was pretty exciting. It was a hot day, especially after riding a school bus and playing at the park beforehand. We had a great time, and I loved spending the day with her.

Paige is as silly as always...and getting into everything! I have so many pictures of her. I figure I might as well keep taking them while she's still little enough to let me...LOL! The older Reese gets, the harder it is to get pictures of her. Definitely no more posing for her...she's all action :)

Here she is on the school bus...still a little short to see out the window.

Before going to the train station, we stopped at a play park in Sebring. Reese wanted to swing, of course! She still seems a little afraid of the big kid swings. She feels more comfortable in the little kid swing.

Here she is on the train! It was really neat and surprisingly roomy. The inside reminded me of an airplane with lots more space to move around. She stayed in her seat, munched on Cheerios and looked out the window. That 45 minutes sure went by fast!

Each child got a little blue & white conductor hat. Reese wore hers for about 15 seconds! This was pretty much the only picture I got of her in it. She has been wearing it around the house lately, though :)

A few cute Paige pics...

Lunch at Beef's the other day...Reese made goofy faces and Pippy fell asleep!

We were enjoying the pool on Friday evening, just enjoying the nice weather when Paige kept trying to get into the pool. None of us had our suits on, so I just took off her clothes and let her skinny dip. Marshall is clothed, thank goodness...LOL! I have more shots of her chunky hiney, but I'm not posting those. Too many weirdos can access your pictures nowadays. Aren't these cute?

More cute pictures of Paige. She's still such a great sport when I want to take her pictures :)

Reese swimming in the pool...I know it seems like these are the same pictures, week after week, but it's what she loves to do!

Look who crawled under the kitchen table to look for her sister's cheerio crumbs! She does a "cheerio check" a few times a day now, hoping to find some stragglers :)

Paige found her daddy's flowers very interesting! He says they are a new type of rose, but I don't know...haha. I guess he's the expert and he would know.

And a few of Pippy in the pool this afternoon. My little thumbsucker :)