Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sooooo ready for warm weather...

The last day of February already...where has the time gone? Unbelievable. Hopefully March will bring some warmer weather. We are beyond ready to get outside and play in the pool. Paige has two new swimsuits just waiting on her :)

Well, the past week has been pretty uneventful, thank goodness. Reese's sinuses are acting up again...or is it allergies? It's so hard to tell. We're getting her tested for allergies in a few weeks. There has to be something triggering this, and I'm bound and determined to find out what it is. She wasn't feeling too hot this weekend...Saturday she just wasn't herself. She was very tired and lethargic, and her eyes were swollen and red. She was so exhausted that she went to bed at 7pm and slept until almost 8am. She is doing better today -- she seems like her old self. I don't have many pictures of her...just a few from Friday after she got home from school.

Paige is getting around a lot faster these days. She has been pulling up to her knees on anything she can grab onto, which is an improvement. She will be 13 months old next Friday, and she still looks like a 9-month-old to me...just a little thing. She's gaining weight, though, and has some chunky little leggies. She eats very well...she even tried broccoli today for lunch and liked it! She has been having whole milk yogurt with her breakfast and drinking some whole milk in the evenings. She is still nursing, so I am working in the whole milk slowly. She's doing really well with it, although she still has no interest in feeding herself. She'll eat anything off a spoon :)

Anyway, here are the latest pictures of the girls.

Reese hanging out in her room, reading and playing.

Here is Paige and her favorite spot to pull up...

She loves playing with her telephone.

Love these cheesy grin pictures of Paige! What a ham :)

More of Paige...

Monday, February 22, 2010

A beautiful weekend :)

This weekend was so perfect! The temperature was just right, and it felt like Spring was here. We spent lots of time outside, riding the golf cart, swinging, and just running around and enjoying the fresh warm air. I was able to get more pictures of Paige outside...although the lighting still wasn't as good as I'd hoped. Right now, she seems to be more playful and cooperative in the afternoons, and by then, the light isn't as bright. But they still turned out okay, I think. Since I can't afford a real photographer, these will have to suffice for her one-year pictures.

Here are this week's pictures...

Here's Reese playing around in the spare bathroom. She loves the echo in there.

And trying to rummage through her backpack for goldfish!

There were none in there, so she swiped the cheerios!

Paige is learning how to brush her 4 teeth already :)

Such a drama queen when it comes to her thumb...

Daddy let Pippy drive the golf cart :)

Reesie loves piggy-back rides.

Reese loves exploring around the that's where we are in these pics :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day and more!

Happy Valentine's Day...a day late :) Let's see...what's happened since last week? Paige went in for her 12-month doctor's visit and got a great report. She weighs 18 lbs. 2.5 oz and is 28.5 inches long. She's still just a little petite thing. Her ears, throat and heart all checked out good. She got the chicken pox shot and the TB test, which came back okay. Of course, you know me...I had the camera with me, so I took some pictures of her waiting on the doctor :) She has had a fun week playing with all of her new birthday gifts. She is now crawling like the typical baby, and at times acts like she wants to grab onto something and pull up. She's taking her time, but it seems to be happening finally.

Reese had a great week at school! They had a Valentine party on Friday, and she brought home a lot of little valentines and treats from her little classmates. Despite the cold weather, she is enjoying going to school and playing outside. She gets up really good for us every morning and seems to have fun at school. As you can tell by a lot of the pictures of her, she is getting sick of me sticking a camera in her face. She has been giving me a lot of "get out of my face" looks...haha. Paige has learned to cheese it up whenever she sees the flash about to go off :)

Here is our week in review...

I attempted to take Paige's one-year pictures myself. I wanted to do them outside, but it has been too cold, and all her outfits I have for her special pictures are not I had to do them inside. I'll try and do more outside once it warms up.

Here we are waiting for the doctor.

A whole slew of Valentine pictures...

Here's one of the "get out of my face" pictures...haha!

And another one...

Random silliness and cuteness :)

Reese goofing off with me on the couch :)

I love watching her sleep.

Reese's big winter bear jacket...she loves it :)

I love how she sticks her legs in the air and points her a little ballerina.

Yesterday morning, Paige woke up with the craziest hairdo...she was ready to rock out on stage :)

Although Reese looks so sad in this picture, I still thinks she's so beautiful! She wouldn't smile at me for anything. She looks so old in this picture.

There was no school yesterday, so I took the girls to the park.