Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Recent Update...

Hey there!  Sorry it has been so long since I posted any updates or photos.  Time just flies by and I honestly don't take as many pictures as I used to.  The girls are busy with school, and when they get home each day, they're just too busy to bother with pictures.  I still try, but they're just changing and their habits are changing.

Anyway, I do have some to share from recent weeks.

Reese loves her sunglasses so much that she fell asleep one night with them still gripped in her little hand.  She loves to get all bundled up in her pillows and blankets.  And her pink heart winter coat from three years ago.  The inside is satin, and she totes it around everywhere like a blanket.  And don't you love her golf feet tan?  Haha!

A few Sundays ago we took the girls up to Bok Tower to run around.  For whatever reason, Reese was in a bad mood.  She marched right over to this bench and plopped herself down.

Pip, on the other hand, ran all around and checked everything out.

Cue the Drama Queen!  Someone didn't want to leave, so this fake cry happened all the way home.  Even when we stopped to get gas.  Every time I'd look at her, she'd do the fake sad cry.  When I laughed at her, she did it even more.  What a silly kid she is!  There were no tears....

One Friday after school Paige decided to play in the sprinkler....she's obsessed with water of any kind.  Faucets, puddles, sprinklers...you name it.  On a side note, she wore matching yellow capri pants to school, but she yanked them off as soon as she got home.  So I grabbed an old pair of shorts for her to throw on.  I know they don't match, but I just LOVE these pictures of her!

And more playing outside this past weekend...

Reese still has the golf shoe tan going on...haha.  The only shoes she wears is sneakers, so her feet never see sun at school.  Once the pool heats up she'll be outside barefoot.  Hopefully soon!  The pool is ready to go, but the water is still freezing.

This picture is about as good as it gets with the two of them together.  Reese hightails it out of there as soon as Paige comes into her space.  No sister love going on here...haha.

Good grief....this kid and her crossed eyes!

This is rare...Reese actually sat on the bench when I asked her to.  And she smiled!

Time to play with mulch.  She kept grabbing pieces of it and throwing it up in the air, like she wanted to throw it over the tall hedge.  She did it a few times.  The girl's got an arm on her...haha!

These are from over Spring Break.  So much for coloring on the paper...instead, she decided to make her own tattoos.

Still working on her tattoos....as I'm trying to take a selfie with her.  She has other things to do besides smile :)  We were just hanging out at the house this day...still in pajamas and uncombed hair.

After the first day back at school....she is in the habit now of stripping off her pants.  She got straight faces all week on her daily report because of it.  It's kind of funny, though...I have to chuckle at the thought of this little thing running around her classroom with her bare butt hanging out...haha.

A cute picture of Reese on the way home from Bok Tower...all the while her sister was doing the fake cry.

And one of her from last Thursday.  She stayed home from school because she threw up that morning.  She was over it by early afternoon and was ready to go again.

That's all for now.  I have a lot of pictures from our Las Vegas trip at the end of Spring Break.  They're all on my phone, so I need to get them transferred and edited.  I'll work on that for my next post, as well as some Easter pictures from Sunday.

Thanks for stopping by!