Sunday, July 20, 2014

My cute little fishies... we have even more pictures of my little cuties in the pool :)  I'm trying to get caught up...these are from about a month ago.  I just can't get enough of them doing what they love, which is play in this here we go.

I just love the look of pure happiness on Reese's face!  And then she gets serious.  And even then she's just beautiful.  I would love to know what she's thinking.

And then there's Paige....aka Trouble.  One never knows what this kid will do...haha.  You can always guarantee that things will never be boring when she's around!

I love capturing random moments of the girls together, even though they're doing completely different and unrelated things.  That's what it's like all the time at our house.

More of this sweet girl...

A few weeks ago, Reese and Grandma Darla were singing and clapping and just having a great old time.  Against my mother's wishes, I took pictures...haha!  Sorry, Mom...sometimes you just have to be in the pictures ;)

Meanwhile, this little stinker was rocking in the recliner and laughing :D  Isn't she adorable?

And another day at the pool...just swimming, splashing, throwing rings and kicking on the side.

And playing piggy back in the water...

Only my child would look through the hole of the noodle :)  She has always looked at things from a different perspective :)

Have a great week, and see you soon!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Back at it...

Back at the pool, I mean :)  Yep, lots more pictures of these silly girls back down at the pool.  We have been out there so much this summer!  It has been lots of fun, and I know we'll be out there for many more months to come.  Usually, we're able to keep swimming until the beginning of October.  The joys of living in Florida :)

As always, our pool routine starts with the throwing of the rings.  Sometimes she looks, sometimes she doesn't.

Either way, she's adorable.

If one of us doesn't get them out of the pool and back to her so she can throw them again, chaos ensues.  You can see the look of happiness on this kid's face once she goes and collects them all again.  Her sister thinks, " we go again."

Meanwhile, this happens....lots of smiles, jumping, playing with the noodle and the rope.

And this keeps happening...she's got a nice throwing technique, that's for sure.

Now they're all gone...someone better go fetch them NOW or else.

And more smiles from Reesie the next day :)

Time to make some puddles and inspect them closely.

It's a Sister Showdown.

Practicing her tree pose in yoga :)

I just love this picture!  I could kiss those cheeks all day long...literally...I really could.

Thanks for stopping by this week!