Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break is here :)

Just a few more days left in's hard to believe. It seems like Christmas was just approaching. This past week has been beautiful here! Reese had a fun week at school and now gets a week off. She is still coughing a little, but it definitely sounds better. She is actually taking a nap right at this very minute...that hardly ever happens at home anymore! She has been playing outside a lot this weekend, so I guess she is just worn out.

I decided to do a little photo shoot with Paige yesterday. The azaleas in the front yard are blooming and are so bright and pretty! They made a gorgeous backdrop. I would have loved to have posed Reese in front of them, but I knew that wouldn't happen. I can barely get her to even look at the camera and smile these days, let alone get her to stand still. So, again, most of my pictures of her are action shots. Paige is still pretty easy to pose, so I'm enjoying that while I can :)

The wind blowing through her hair...haha :)

And practicing yoga heel stretches...

Some cute pictures of Reesie...

Paige was playing on the floor the other day, and decided to use Reese's Valentine caterpillar as a pillow...and she fell asleep! I have little couch pillows in front of the tv table because she likes to go over there and crawl around. She's had several bruises on her noggin, and so I try to buffer the edges.

Paige playing around in her crib before bath time.

Reese's class had an egg hunt at the Lake Wales play park...and then got to play and swing. Paige and I got there too late and we missed the egg hunt :( But I did get some pictures of Reese in her favorite swing.

Paige watching all the big kids...

Paige trying to eat her toy...

Reese on was team shirt day. She wasn't in the mood for pictures, obviously...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another week

Surprise, surprise...Reese is sick again. She doesn't act or look sick, but she has this nasty cough that popped up several days ago. I'm soooooooo over her getting sick. I remember back when she was a baby and I was nursing her, thinking that her immune system would be so strong that she'd hardly ever get sick. Um...well, that was obviously wrong. As soon as she started school, she has seemed to catch everything known to man. I nursed this kid for 20 months of her life and she maybe got a stomach bug ONCE during that time. That stuff definitely works...and I wish she could down about a gallon of it a day right now! I just long for the day where she is medicine free and can just be herself without anything altering her little system.

Paige is doing well...thank goodness she hasn't picked up whatever Reese has yet. Since she is still nursing, I *hope* she is still able to fight off this kind of gunk. She is doing really well with her sippy cup, although she still won't tip it up. She loves to stand up now, but we still have to help her get there. Her legs are definitely stronger, so that's good. She got in the swing yesterday and loved it!

Reese being a couch potato...Al Bundy style :)

Paige watching tv on her ladybug pillow.

Here they are on St. Patrick's Day. They had matching shirts...these monkey tshirts were all I could find that matched.

Don't they both look so happy to be sitting beside each other?

Here is Paige swinging and loving it!

Reese running around & swinging after riding the golf cart...

And a few more cute ones of Pippy :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A good week :)

It has been a great week in the Whidden house! Yay! The girls are doing well and have had a good week of feeling healthy. Reese is off her medicine and is what I call "back to normal." She had a fantastic week at school, too. Today is Paige's last dose of ear drops, although it looks back to normal to me. She has had a good week, too. Wednesday, Reese's class went to Barney's Dream play park. Paige and I dropped by for a visit and got to watch her in action with her friends and teachers. Of course, she acted differently once she noticed me, but she still had fun swinging and sliding. I took pictures, naturally :)

Last night was the big St. Patty's Day Fundraiser/Auction for Reese's school. It was at Lake Ashton and it was amazing! I was one of four parents who spoke to the crowd about how wonderful Our Children's Academy is and what great things it has done for Reese. It was pretty emotional for me, but I got through it. Reese was supposed to make an appearance, but she decided to throw a huge screaming fit in the parking, Marshall drove her straight home. I was excited to get a night out amongst adults and hang out with my husband, but I wound up going stag...haha. It still turned out great, and a lot of money was raised.

On another note, Thursday was our 10th wedding anniversary! I can't believe it has been a decade. We've actually been together for almost 16 years. We've been too broke and busy to do anything to celebrate, so hopefully we can at least get a good dinner out soon.

Here are the pictures I snapped this week...

Reese being so serious...

Gotta have the afternoon goldfish snack!

Paige's favorite place to nap. Yes, she still fits in her swing at 13 months!

Reese at Barney's Dream, sliding with one of her favorite paras, Michelle. Michelle ADORES Reese!

This is Reese and her friend, Rebecca.

The little tv addict...haha.

The piggy back ride lover...

Paige just playing around on the floor.

And two more shots of Reese...I actually got a smile out of her this time :)