Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lots of pictures!

What a fast week that was! It just seemed like it was last Sunday and we were preparing for Reese's first day of school. She had a fantastic week! No crying or anything :) She loves her new teacher and is already having a lot of fun.

This is a very special week coming up...Thursday is Reese's 4th birthday! I still can't believe my baby is turning's unbelievable. Marshall and Papa David have been working hard on building her an original, custom-made play hut in the yard. If you've ever been to Bok Tower, then you've probably seen the play hut there that is close to the parking lot as you pull in. She LOVES to play on the three levels of that hut, so Marshall designed her one simliar for our yard. It's going to be three levels (because she loves steps!) and will have a slide on one side, swings on the other, and a climbing wall somewhere. I know she (and Paige) will LOVE it once it's finished!

Things were quiet around the house this week with just Paige and me here....we sure did miss Reesie while she was at school! But it did give me lots of opportunities to get pictures of Paige :)

Here's Reese on the first day of school...not in the mood for a photo session!

After nap hair...too funny to pass up!

Paige laying on the pillow...she looked so cute watching Dora!

She loves this pink pony. She loves to tip it over and watch it fall. The other day, it fell towards her and bonked her in the head...and now she has a bruise!

Silly play time in the crib :)

Reese looking beautiful after school on Thursday...I was playing around with some editing here.

Paige just being cute :)

Okay...Paige was inside, licking the sliding glass door, and I was outside. We had a good laugh!

Reese loves to touch this [dead & dying] plant...she finds it fascinating. She was carrying around Paige's swimsuit and just laid it down in the plant urn!

Weekly Reese pool pics:

Here, I was experimenting with focusing...

Silly Paige is getting very talented at holding her toys & her cups with her feet! Sometimes she lets go with her hands and just uses her feet only!

Eating at Cracker Barrel this weekend...

Daddy helping Reese color :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A New School Year!

Tomorrow is Reese's first day of pre-school! (Well, it's her second year, but it's the first day of a new year!) I know she is ready to go back. She gets bored after staying home for a while, so she'll have lots of fun. I hope the transition isn't too hard on her and that she adjusts quickly.

Not too many pics this week...but I do have some :)

Reese getting in some last summer days of swimming :) (Well, "summer" is relative in Florida...haha). I'm sure we'll be swimming until Christmas!

Paige and her wet curly hair after taking a dip in the pool :)

Reese trying to hide from me and the camera.

I just love these cute pics of Pippy smiling! Could she be any cuter?

This is Reese's new favorite place to sit...the kitchen table! She gets all of her toys and blankets and crawls up there and sits for a half hour at a time! Lately, she grabs her swimsuit and the sunscreen...she carries them around the house in hopes of swimming the entire day!

Paige decided to taste the chair...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer is almost over :(

One more week of vacation for Reese before starting her second year of pre-school! I know she is excited to go back and see her teachers and friends. She had so much fun at the summer program, and these three weeks off have been good, but I know she misses it. We've all had a great week, just being lazy and playing in the pool. It is just too hot to go outside (unless it's later in the evening or we get in the pool).

Here are this week's pictures. Enjoy!

Reese playing outside one evening after the sun was going down and a nice breeze rolled in...

Aren't these the cutest leftovers you've ever seen?

Paige enjoying the evening air...

Reese swimming later in the evening...

Paige modeling her cute shoes (well, they are hand-me-downs from her big sister):

Reese having fun in the pool :)