Sunday, August 28, 2011

1st Day of School :)

Hooray for a great first week of school! Reese & Paige had a really good school experience this week. Both girls love their teachers and have adjusted well in just a few days' time. That has pretty much been our big event of the week. I have a variety of pictures from the week...enjoy!

The backpack is bigger than she is!

Just lounging around after school one day :)

More lounging... (and flopping all over the couch!)

Some bathtime pics of Paige....
This picture cracks me up...this is the fakest smile...haha. I think she was just giving me her cheesiest face so I'd put the camera down!

She loves to run down the hallway with just her towel on. She looks like a ghost from behind, with the towel flowing out behind her!

A little play time after Paige's bath...she likes to run around our bedroom and flop around on the bed.

Mom, really? I'm trying to settle down & go to bed and you want to take my picture? Hello...that flash is really bright.

We did get in some pool time this weekend. Thank goodness Hurricane Irene spared us!

Paige is sporting another one of Reese's old swimsuits! She hit the swimsuit jackpot this year. I'm so glad I saved all of Reese's clothes :)

One more picture...I made a practice cake this weekend. This Friday is Reese's 5th birthday, and I wanted to make a rainbow cake. It was surprisingly easy...just time consuming, since you have to bake each color separately. I made the icing from scratch, and realized that I didn't make enough. So, needless to say, my cake is pretty bare. This is the exact reason I did a practice run! Next time I'll make more icing. The most important part is that it tastes YUMMY!

Well, that's it for this week. Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic week!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

An Ear Bra?

Looks like summer is over...the season, anyway. It's still hot as ever, so it still feels like summer. School begins tomorrow, and I hope the girls have a great year. I know it will be good for them to get back into their normal routine, see all their friends & teachers, and have days filled with fun activities.

It has been a low-key week around here. Reese and Paige both have made new discoveries in the past few typical, and one not-so-typical. See for yourself :)

Here's the typcial one...Paige figuring out how to climb onto the coffee table! Trouble just waiting to happen...earlier this week, she climbed into the recliner and fell out HEAD first. This kid is my daredevil and will probably be the death of me!

And the not-so-typical. Let me explain. Reese pulled these Easter Bunny headband ears out from some corner...who knows where. Instead of wearing them on her head, she puts them on her chest like a bra! And the ears hang down...just like old boobies! LOL! So, we now call this her "ear bra." She will run around with it on, hoisting it up when it starts to's SO funny!

A quick picture of Pip...

More ear bra pictures!

Some cute outside pool photos...

Look who's being a cutie pie!

More cute poolside pictures. I just realized I didn't get any shots of Reese actually in the pool this week. She spent more time doing this than swimming, anyway.

Paige wants to splash & play as soon as she gets out there!

Thanks for stopping by...that's it for this week. Have a good one!