Sunday, December 7, 2014

Random mix of iPhone pictures...

Hey there, and Happy December!  I'm getting bad about posting again, I know.  I had these uploaded last week and just ran out of time to actually post them.  I do have some Thanksgiving pictures, and today we got our Christmas tree.  Those pictures are all still on my camera.  I will try and get them blogged next week :)

Here are my random phone photos from the past few months....or at least a few of them!

Cheryl, Jennifer and I went over to Abuelo's in Lakeland for dinner a few months ago.  It was my first time there, and it was SO good!  Great Mexican food.

My trusty glasses decided to snap in half one day while I was cleaning the lenses...and just for the record, Super Glue will not work.  I had to buy new glasses :(

A random hug attack from Pickles :)

This is a cute collage put together by Kayla, Paige's teacher.  These are all from Spirit Week.  Each day of the week was a different dress up day....Camo Day, Red Day, Tacky Day, Sports Day and Pajama Day :)

Another cute kiss from the Pipster.  Shirtless, of course.

I love this one.

Another day, another Pip selfie :)

A fun & goofy Reesie selfie while waiting on the doctor for her 8 year checkup.  This girl weighs 63 pounds now....and she's almost as tall as I am.  Holy cow.

Another Reesie selfie :)

Oh, this is out of more cute one from the doctor's office.  Love her sweet smile :)

Another fun dinner at Outback....this was for Cheryl's birthday.  Good times were had!

Fall Festival day at OCA...look who played in the dirt the entire time.  Even her chewy necklace was covered with dirt.

Pip's latest  It doesn't matter whose they are or what size they are.  Just as long as she has shoes on her feet!  Silly kid.

We had to retire these, finally.  She wore them out completely!  The velcro stopped sticking and the tongues were almost detached.  And the heels were worn down because she likes to push them down and scoot around the house like she's wearing slippers.  Good grief!

I specifically remember saying, "Paige, don't get your hair wet."

Love my new Raise the Bar tank top!  Perfect for BODYPUMP class :)

My sweet Reese checking out her catalog.  She looks so old here to me.

This is what I dumped out of Paige's shoe one day after school.

After Spin class one morning....half the class had already cleaned up and left, but I wanted to get a picture of everyone in front of our foggy doors!  We worked so hard and it was SO humid in there.  Awesomeness!!

Another out of order picture....this is Reese dancing to the music at the Fall Festival last month.

And watching TV through her shades....

That's it for now....more to come later!  Have a great week!

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